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Thoughts/Prayers Needed Please!!

Yesterday, our 5 year old yellow lab Baylee jumped/fell out of the back of FI's truck, She cut her leg up pretty good. She also broke her kneecap into 2 separate pieces. The bigger part of her kneecap also has a horizontal fracture and a vertical fracture. We are supposed to take her to the University of FL to see an orthopedic surgeon, but we are going to get a second opinion here in town first.

Baylee won't put barely any weight on that leg, She also has 22 staples and a drain. We are giving her antibiotics and pain pills around the clock. A guy I work with had a similar injury to his lab, and he had to refinance his house to pay for the 4 surgeries it took to make the dog better,

We have a couple surgical options depending on the severity of her knee injuries, They could pin her kneecap back together and cast her leg if the tendons and ligaments are fine. They could have to five her a prosthetic kneecap and/or tendons and ligaments. They could have to do a total knee replacement. They might have to amputate her leg if the damage is too great and her quality of life would not be that much improved!

Hopefully we will know more tomorrow. FI is calling the vet clinic at 7am to see when we can get her in there. Any thoughts/prayers/vibes would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

Re: Thoughts/Prayers Needed Please!!

  • I'm so sorry this happened!  I've had dogs my whole life and they really become part of the family.  My parents have dachshunds and 2 of the last 3 have had horrible back problems... to the point of paralysis from the waist down.  I can completely relate with what you're going through here.  I'll send a little prayer up for your fiance, you and Baylee and hope everything works out.




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  • Waiting to hear how your furbaby's doing?  Hope things aren't as bad as they seem.
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