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February 6th brides!

We only have 3 months to go! Wooo hoo! I can't wait!How are things going? I was just discussing on my local board that it seems like when I hit about 4 months all the sudden little details started popping up and straining my budget. Has anyone else come across this? Seems like from the responses on my local board this isn't uncommon.

Re: February 6th brides!

  • I still haven't gotten a couple of big things done!  I ordered my veil today on my lunch break and I have not ordered invitations yet.  I was about to break out in tears at the paper store.  I couldn't make a decision but know I really have to.  I know that there will be plenty of things that crush your budget.  I am over on the rings, photography, and music and lets not forget all the gratuities!  I drink wine to cope... reminds me, I need to stop by the wine store.  Also have premarriage class tomorrow from 9am -4pm!  FI isn't happy about it .  Me either, another saturday down the drain when I could be getting the flower girl dress.  Goodness I could keep going and going.  Glad to have this board, no one around me wants to hear about the endless items to be done.  Good luck
  • Yay :-) However it still doesn't seem real to me. I have finished doing everything, so I've just been waiting for it to get closer, like I have been for over a year now.I think at my bridal shower (sunday) maybe it will hit me a little more, but with nothing to do, it just doesn't seem like it's coming up. I wish I had lists of things left!
  • Oh Buttons, believe me you are the lucky one! I wish I could just sit back, although I can imagine with nothing to do it probably wouldn't seem real to me either. I think I feel that way anyway. I feel like I'm planning this major thing, but i hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm guessing the day of it will sure feel real! :)On the budget topic, I too was over on some of my bigger items. They were the things (like photography) that were really important to me. It's all the little stuff now that is suddenly adding up. I plan on stepping back this weekend and really looking at things and seeing where I can cut back. Time for a budget reality check!
  • For me it really hit this week. I booked out hotel rooms for the night before and the night of. I also finalized the menu with the venue and set out a time line for the day of. With Christmas in there time is just going to fly by. January usually drags, but there are so many fun wedding related things going on it will go by fast. Can't wait.
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  • yea so excited! i think these next 3 months will go so fast! luckily we have everything booked so we are just working out little details everywhere, which has been fun thus far.. can't wait :)
  • 2 months to go and we are under budget-it's a wonderful feeling! After talking with several event planners and close friends, here's what we've come to find out:
    1 People do not care about personalized napkins or anything else for that matter. It's a waste.
    2:People will not remember the centerpieces or the decor. They WILL remember crappy food and music/DJ
    3: Turning your wedding into a 3 ring circus will do nothing for your marriage-except ruin it. Going $35,000 in debt for one day is not worth it. You are not a princess or a queen or anything else for that matter. You are an adult. Do not make this day a make up for everything you think you deserve. You don't. You deserve to have a down payment for a house, or saving to travel before you start a family.
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