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I am writing this anonymously because I love this board and don't want this to reflect poorly.

I went to my company party on Friday and got really drunk.  Long story short, I ended up making out with one of the construction guys that works out in the field and that I hardly ever see. 

I know I screwed up, but I also know that it meant nothing.  I still want to marry FI, I don't want any other guy, I was just really stupid.
Do I tell FI and ruin our relationship or chalk it up as a huge mistake and move on?

Re: Guilty?

  • I think you should tell your FI exactly what happened because if he finds out about it later on it will most likely be a bigger deal. Tell him how much you love him and how much you want to be with him and then you should probably stop drinking without your FI around or only have one drink. He might not trust you for a bit but you can regain the trust back. I think he will be able to see that you love him when you tell him and give him permission question you and to keep tabs on you. I mean just think if he had done that to you. How would you feel?
  • Ummmmm, you need to tell him.
  • You should tell him. I wouldn't want to start out a beautiful marriage with lies. He deserves to know. Sorry. People make mistakes but how would you feel if he kept something like that from you...If you really love your fiance & want to spend forever with him, I think he should know the truth whether it meant something or not.
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  • I agree with the pp. Starting your marriage with a secret, especially a secret like that would not be good. Lying, or withholding the truth will come back to bite you....it always does. It may be diffucult but you have to tell him. He has a right to know. Like the pp said, how would you feel if he did the same, and didn't tell you and you found out later? One thing I have learned in my relationship is I always try to put myself in his shoes, and see it from the other side. HTH. Good luck, I hope it works out.
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