February 2010 Weddings

2/27 Brides

Hooray!!! Today is 100 days.

On a side note does anyone else hate this new layout for discussion boards?

Re: 2/27 Brides

  • I actually really like it. Once you get used to it, it's much easier.
  • Did anyone send invites out yet? I am not sure when they should go out?
  • I am completely freaking out.....  i have all of my vendors booked which is good but i know that the invites MUST be done within the next 2 weeks....
  • I have a love/hate relationship with it. I miss my siggy countdown and I miss being able to knot from my blackberry.

    Invites are going out the end of December for me. I am still waiting to get all the supplies in and put them together. My MOH is designing them. I am starting to get a little worried, but I know if we put our muscle to it we can get it all done.
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  • I'm starting to get used to it.

    I haven't sent my invites yet.  I plan to right after christmas, I did start assembling today until I realized I needed stamps for the RSVP envelopes, and needed to print the directions I made. 
  • I hate the new layout too!  My invites went out 2 weeks ago, starting to get responses
  • I'm sending my invites out right after Christmas also. I live in Canada so not sure how your mail system works but a friend of mine works for Canada Post and said it'd be better to send just after Christmas, less likely they'll get lost (unless you sent them way before the Christmas rush)...oh also I'm doing an online rsvp so I guess that is faster than mail back responses.
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