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Would you invite?

I just want to get some outside opinions about a situation. I am going to have two receptions. One in Ohio after the wedding and then the other a little over a month later (March 2010) in England for all the UK people that could not make it to the Ohio wedding.  

My FI on invited to the event page that I had created his ex wife's best friend who he is the god father of her children. The more I have thought about it  it think the more that I am not okay with her coming because that is almost like having his ex at the reception since we all know how women are and will go and tell her everything about the event. I just feel like it is an invasion of our privacy and not healthy. I  guess I feel unprotected if the women were to come to the reception. Let me add that yes he might be friends with her but he does not talk to this woman or hang out with her at all. It is not like my FI is best friends with her as well.

I just want to know what other people women think. Please do not flame me in your response

Re: Would you invite?

  • In a heart beat I would. To be honest, if I was an ex, I don't know if I'd be comfortably having my best friend go to my ex's wedding, if anything else. As a bride, I wouldn't care even a little. If she goes and tells her friend (the ex) about your wedding, it isn't harming you any, nor is she there to ruin anything. I don't think it's a big deal at all.
  • I wouldn't invite her to my wedding. Personally I feel like it is bad karma in the room when you are starting your life with you husband. Know what I mean?

    I could care less about her sharing the details of the wedding with the ex but I do have some of the same feelings that you do about it and if they are still friends, I think she'll understand why she's not on the guest list.

    GL with this one, it's tough...I hope it is not causing issues with you & your FI :)

  • I'm not sure how she would be sharing her husband by having a friend at the wedding? Fi has girls that are friends and some are coming to the wedding. I don't see the difference in who the girl is friends with (ex or not)... I guess I'm confused why you are uncomfortable
  • i talked with my FI and he states that he was not going to invite his ex wife's best friend anyways.  I think he just asked all of his facebook friends to come. My heart is happy now. I know I would just feel awkward and not know what to say to her.

    The reason why is because his ex wife is already mean to me. I do not want her knowing more information about my Fi and I's life. She did invite my FI's best friend to her 2nd wedding. i just think it is plain weird.
  • Just the fact that your heart is happy now (and as cheesy as it sounds I know what you mean by that) shows that this is a better decision.  I'm glad he could take the lead in that one and put you at ease :) 
    Blessings!! :)
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