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February 2010 Weddings

Got 4 responses yesterday

I just sent them out on Tuesday and got 4 back yesterday. Only one was a no! YAY! I am excited.

Re: Got 4 responses yesterday

  • I got my first one in the mail today which was a no, but I expected that.
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  • Ugh, I'm at this point praying for no's...
  • How many did you want ButtonsPepper? Invited 300 expect 200.
  • I feel the same way I invited 195 and so far I have 0 NO's!!! and 75 yes I hope they come in soon otherwise Im going to start to panic LOL
  • At my venue, they have 2 rooms that we can use for the reception.  The 1st room (that I really want to use) only fits 80 & has floor to ceiling windows w/ a wrap around deck overlooking the gulf of mexico.  The other room (that we'll use only if we exceed our 80 guests) is just a regular ballroom, def not as nice.  So... I'm hoping for room 1 :)
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  • I'd like to have around 140, but most is very close family... that have already said in prior months how excited they are. We'll see, I think I'm going to be closer in the 160-165 range.
  • Sent out my invites out on Sat. and I have received at least one a day. 100 invited hoping for 85. 6 yes and 1 no so far......
  • I am sending out my invites in 2-3 weeks. I am working on addressing them. I have hand delivered a couple (for people that asked me to!), and I have gotten 1 back so far, which was a yes!

    I am inviting approximately 425 people, and I am expecting 325-350.
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