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Just feel like venting, just wondering if this would piss other people off:
I had to invite a long time friend to my wedding who now lives in NC, we havent seen eachother in 10yrs however my parents wanted me to invite her, we are not close anymore nor do we talk much, recently she caught me on facebook and we were chatting.  She is married and has a 2 yr old down in NC, however we are tightly budgeted for our wedding so we only invited her and her husband and specifically addressed the envelope to "Mr. and Mrs. Blank Blank" to avoid the confusion of her daughter coming.  Long story short we were chatting on facebook and she commented "I cant wait for you to meet my daughter"  at this point I was mad, her daughter was not invited and not only did I address the envelope to just her my mother specifically told her mother "please let Sarah know she cant bring the baby" So I felt she was just pushing the limit.  I then replied with "kids are not invited Im sorry"  Well needless to say she is super pissed and told me that if she cant find sitter arrangements she will have to bring the baby and it "wont be a big deal"  What the hell do I do I'm furious!

Re: annoyed

  • Yes, that would piss me off. Rude!

  • It would piss me off too and it's rude but you shouldn't let it ruin your whole day.  My FI and I are on a tight budget too but we decided we would allow children at the reception and leave it up to the parents to decide if they want a night away from the kids, or they want to have to take care of them the whole night at a wedding.  Luckily, our venue charges 1/2 price for children under 12 and anyone under 5 is free.  I honestly would let it go... if she can't find a babysitter and has to bring the 2 year old, then let it slide.  Don't forget the purpose of the day... the only thing that should really matter to you is that both you and your fiance are there, and that you are exchanging your vows and committing yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives.  Whether a 2 year old is there or not should not be something that pisses you off that much.  Sure you can be mad at your friend but is it really something worth holding a grudge over?




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  • I'd be annoyed too, but also agree w/ pp... remember the day is really about you & your FI starting the rest of your life together... nothing else really matters.
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