February 2010 Weddings


1st dress fitting!!!!! PIB of my dress fitting under attire. The pictures aren't that great, but I'm just glad it's done. My ticker is reading 1 month and blah blah blah, and I freaked out! It was 2 months yesterday :-). I am just so excited for it to get here.

Reserved everything for the Rehearsal dinner

Wrapped all BM, parents, GM gifts, sitting in spair bedroom.

Program baskets CHECK, Thank and you signs to hold for a picture to make our thank you cards, CHECK.

Final payment for the honeymoon sent out TODAY.

I got my earrings over the weekend, so all bridal accessories are now DONE.

Formatted everythign correctly so my place cards will print correctly (PIB under paper for a sample)

I think that's all.....

Re: Checks

  • Yay!  That's lots of checks!
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  • Yay! That is awesome Jaclyn! Your dress looks so gorgeous on you! What do you have left to do?
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    Ha, nothing! Well, nothing until all my RSVP's come in.... I'm still waiting on info. to get programs rolling, but have already picked out the designs/colors/etc and who is making them.

    Something I did just remember, we need 4 8x10 pictures and 1 5x7 picture for our card box, we have yet to order. I'll probably do that some time this weekend.

    And thank you, I love my dress! I can't wait to put it on without all the pins sticking me in the arms... and the cups sewn in so they aren't falling down the dress.
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