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AW: Invitations in the mail!!

Whooooo Hooooo! The invites went in the mail yesterday! People close by should have theirs today! Now I just need everyone to send back their RSVPs on time! Here are the ones I sent out. I did our names and the RSVP/Reception headers in hot pink to reflect our black, white & pink theme.

Re: AW: Invitations in the mail!!

  • Awesome! Mine went out last week. It's so fun getting home and seeing all these little light blue envelopes :-). I've had a great time with it.
  • I just sent mine out today!
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  • Yay! Yours look amazing... I sent mine yesterday... I hope people will RSVP soon...
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    I love your invites!  Very pretty!  I'm DIYing mine so I'm still working on them... getting the final touches done and will hopefully have them in the mail by Saturday at the latest!




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  • Yes, DIYing invites is a labor of love! My family was really supportive - especially my cousin who hand wrote all of my addresses (return addys too). Once I got started though it really wasn't that bad. I just had to concentrate to get them stuffed in the correct order. I'm glad they are finally out. People are already starting to get theirs and some have called to tell me how nice they are. :-D I'm pleased with how nice the $20 per box invites came out!
  • Yay!! Mine are going with me to the post office this afternoon. I made pocketfolds from scratch and it took a good month to finish them. Luckily I have a job that I can sit here and do them at my desk while I'm on the phones :) Can't wait for my first RSVP.
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