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Feeling a little down today...

I was excited to have my hair & makeup trial today but was feeling a little sad that I don't have my mom or sister here (I live out of state) and I don't have close friends here so I had to go by myself.  Background info - I'm originally from Colorado and moved here to be with FI who is in the Army. 

It wasn't just that I was alone today, it's because I've been alone planning the whole thing, except when my mom came out to go dress shopping with me.  I don't know anyone well enough to have had any parties or showers which I know aren't that important but ... it has been a lonely process, ya know?  I don't really have anyone to share this with, except FI and you know that guys don't get excited about stuff like this.  He is supportive though. 

So ... I went to my hair and makeup trial and this guy has gotten GREAT reviews on a few wedding sites.  I've had him cut my hair twice now and loved it.  Today I felt like he was rushing and in a hurry to get out of there because he was off work after me.  I didn't wash my hair today because I thought he would so it was all dry and had nothing done to it prior to going in.  I don't know about you but once my hair is dry, it doesn't style well.  He curled it okay but then threw it up with my little headband then started on my makeup.  I guess I wasn't very specific because I almost cried when I saw my face.  I had way too much on (I don't usually wear a lot) and I didn't even really look like me.  I had liquid foundation (usually wear powder) so I looked all shiny and thick with makeup.  

After, I did tell him that I want a more natural look ... I want to look like me but done up a little more, ya know?  I also asked if my hair would be curlier on the day of and he said yes then gave me instructions on what to do before he gets there on the day of.  

I went to my car, poured water on a napkin and wiped off what I could while trying not to cry (the whole "alone" thing has been building).  Sure enough, I'm sitting in my car and he walks outside and goes to his car to go home.  I knew he was rushed. 

I trust that he does a good job, so many reviews say so.  Maybe it's my fault because I wasn't specific enough and he's not a mind-reader.  Now I'm just a little worried that I will look bad at my wedding, hair and makeup is so important!  I'm like the polar opposite of bridezilla - I'm too nice and I don't speak up.  I hate that.  

I need words of wisdom, I feel so down right now.  

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Re: Feeling a little down today...

  • Words of wisdom?

    Maybe scehdule another appointment when he isn't rushed. Or try to somewhere else. I am pretty much planning everything on my own too. With very little help from anyone and FI isn't much help either. I think if people were helping me plan I would go nuts. At least if people are giving you opinions on the phone you can put the phone down or put them on mute or something. In person you totally have to listen to every stupid detail someone wants at your wedding. Be thankful for that!

    And look at it like this you aren't alone you got tons of girls all over the United States that you can get ideas from right here. You now have us on these boards and on FB. You aren't alone. You got us as well as your family. We just understand your pain a little more than they do.

    Hope this improves your night a little. That guy seemed very unprofessional. If I could send my FSIL to you who did my hair trial today I would.
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  • I know how you feel.  My parents and wedding party have all been out of town most of this time.  But I have leaned on FIs family a bit for things.

    Any chance you could involve his mother or family members...
  • It's just Fi and I that live in this area, everyone else is out of state.  It does make me feel better to know that there are others out there who don't have the immediate support of family or friends.  Most days it doesn't bother me because I'm pretty proud that I will have pulled of all of this by myself but some days it gets to me, probably when I'm tired and getting a little stressed out.  Ups and downs, right?  It's all worth it.  I'll be happy to see everyone for the wedding and can't wait for that.  My parents will be here in two weeks (from yesterday) and my sister will be here two weeks from tomorrow so that's a lot to look forward to.  Both my mom and sister wish they were here to help and that does mean a lot. 

    Thanks for listening and understanding, I really appreciate it.  I'm glad I have this board!
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  • Bring in pictures of the look you like, it's a lot easier than trying to explain yourself. I tried just explaining at my trial yesterday and I ended up with some very interesting eye makeup, which I can tell you right now will NOT be what we use on the day of.
  • I want to give you a huge hug right now!! I'm sorry you're feeling so alone. I can't even imagine being so far from your friends and family during this process. I hope we can be some sort of substitute, you can always talk to us and get opinions! Next time take some pictures of your hair/makeup or whatever it is you're doing and post them, you know we love pictures and opinions around here :)

    I'm really sorry that guy was in such a rush, that's very unprofessional. I would request another trial and bring in pictures of what you like as Hayley said. That's the easiest way to get your point across.

    Hope you're feeling better. Big hug!
  • Lil-

    I feel you on the alone thing.  My mom, MOH, BM, venues, FILS, and I are all in different states.  I've told FI I really missed being able to do things "together," like I always hoped and like I watched FSILs do with FMIL.  It's a very lonely process.  But having everyone here on TK, and FI of course, has helped a lot.  ::HUGS::  I'm, we're, here for you.

    Perhaps make a customer comment at his salon?  It might help assuage your feelings, at least, and perhaps they could bring you in for a second trial at no cost to improve upon the experience.
  • A big hug from me to you...I feel your loneliness as well.   I have my family and friends around me, but as an older bride and everyone having gone thru all this themselves and with thier own lives it has not been "fun".  My FI has been married before, so he is like whatever, been there/done that, this is about me, don't care.  Everyone says this planning stuff is supposed to be fun, but I don't think any of it has.   At least we have our TK friends.  Breathe in, breathe out and you will be fine.  As far as advice, I'd call you hair guy and tell him that you understand that he wanted to go home, but that he did not make you feel comfortable and has now made you worried about the big day.  I bet if you were calm and honest he would be understanding and apologetic.

    hang in there.  You are beautiful and strong, this too shall pass.

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