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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

I went by the flower shop my FSIL works at and she wrote down the order for our flowers. I am getting them at her price so its gonna be alot cheaper. I am doing all red roses except a few white flowers mixed in. She texted me tonite and told me its a total of 56 dozen roses for everything. I was amazed. I am super excited and cant wait to see it all.

What flowers are you using in your bouquets, centerpieces, ect?

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  • 56 dozen? Wow, good thing you are going to get a good deal, that's going to look beautiful.

    We are doing roses also. Orange roses for the girls' boquets, orange and pink roses with stephanotis (sp?) for my boquet. We aren't doing any other flowers for decorations or centerpieces or anything.
  • That's a lot of roses!
    We're not using any real flowers.  Just silk gerbers.  All of my bouquets and centerpieces are made and ready to go.
  • Hwrd2beHwrd2be
    LA- Those are the white flowers mixed into my bouquet and on my FI's boutonniere. I couldnt think of the name of it till I read your post.

    Barrel- That is cool. Do you have pics? We are actually having a pommander made of silk flowers since we all agree that my niece would swing it and prob make the real one fall apart.
  • Using roses for most everything. Hydrangeas for the pomandar balls. Carnations and gladiolas in the centerpieces because those are our birth flowers.
  • KnibletKniblet
    Red roses and white orchids
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  • We are using Mini gerber daisies that are pink and orange for the bouquets and boutineers. Floating candles and gerber daisies as centerpieces. Then rose petals along the aisle, and scattered on the tables. Just ordered them today!!
  • 100% red roses for both the ceremony & reception.
  • That sounds soo pretty! I am using yellow mini calla lilies for me and the centerpieces. The BM's will have white calla lilies. =)
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  • I can't wait to play with all of our flowers! 

    Orange and peach roses (3 different types), orange alstroemeria/ gladiolas, peach hybrid lillies, white (possibly dyed orange) hydrangea, lots o' baby's breath jammed into compotes by itself, and Queen Anne's lace.

    CAN'T WAIT!!
    Steph and Chris, 6/26/10
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  • Coral roses, ivory peonies, white stephenotis with pearls in the center for the bouquets. (Replace coral with peach roses for mom bouquets.)

    Ditto same flowers above for the center pieces but also with white orchids, white hydrangeas, peach roses, and a bunch of other flowers.

    I just met with the florist again yesterday.

    Shana & Josh

  • Hwrd- There are some crappy pictures in my bio from when we first did them but I've revamped a lot of the bouquets. I don't have any pictures of the centerpieces. I've been really bad about taking pictures lately.
  • White and ivory roses with blue delphinium's for my bouquet. Blue hydrangeas and pink gerber daises for the BM's bouquet and for the pomander ball.
    Centerpieces are white roses and blue hydrangeas.
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  • Dang, that is a lot of roses. I am so bad with flower names, but she is using some purple flowers and green hypercuium berries. Our centerpieces will be a submerged purple flower with a floating candle on top of mirrors for a nice reflection.
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  • We're doing fake flowers for my bouquet and FI's bout.  There's just going to be one centerpiece, it's orchids (and real).  Here's my bouquet, although mine won't have calla lilies, and there will be shells sprinkled in:

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  • CPs will have full white/cream/beige flowers like peonies, dahlias, spider mums, roses, hydrangeas... basically anything that's whitish and fluffy.

    Ceremony will have a lot of greens and peachy/pink fluffy flowers.

    Cocktail hour will be roses and orchids
  • White hydrangea, white and pink roses, pink caspia, white stock and silver branches.  White and pink pedals on the tables, with votive candles, and a pink orchid in the water. 

  • That is a lot of roses, it will be beautiful!
    We are having gerbera daisies in orange, pink, and white.  Fi's mom carried daisies when she got married, so we are honoring his parents with the flowers.   The guys' bouts are starfish.  For my bouquet I am going to put some shells in there as well - or so that is the plan. 
    To line the aisle I made daisy pomanders last summer, and the FGs have them as well - I know what their flowers would look like by the time of the ceremony. 
  • we're using white calla lilies for the bouquets.  i ordered them online, so i hope they turn out! 

    your roses sound amazing! 
  • I work at a florist, and have since I was 15, so my other "moms" at the shop had a lot of input in my flowers. 

    The girls bouquets are all stock and seeded eucalyptus, all different shades of purple, and mine is similar but with white stock added.   Bouttonnieres are lavender/purple alstromeria and lisianthus (and white for Groom's).    Corsages are orchids, lisianthus, and alstromeria in purples and whites.  The flower girl's pomander is made of mini carnations.

    Centerpieces (4 different styles), include the following: gladiolus, stock, alstromeria, lisianthus, carnations, mini carnations, spider mums, and a variety of greenery.  Altar vases are gladiolus, wreaths for the doors are hydrangeas, and pew arrangements are stock. 

    I think everything is pretty much in various shades of purple and white.  I cannot wait too see how it all looks, and hopefully I will have time to spend a few hours in the shop to work on them myself!
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    I just gave my florist a picture of what we wanted and now I don't even remember what's in it! ha!

    But my bouquet will be all white roses. The 2 BM's will be white and pink roses. 
    The centerpieces are white, pink, and green.

    Woop! Found picture of the bouquets that I am flat out stealing.  (thanks random person!) Except the pink roses are those ones that are kinda pink/kinda white. I am not awesome enough to know the name.
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  • The bridesmaids are having colorful roses and I'm have calla lilies with white roses and some greenery added.
  • Roses, garden roses, peonies, spray roses, hydrangea, in ivory and blush pink. We're having a huge wedding, and I was told there would be over 2000 flowers all together. I can't wait to see how everyone's flowers turn out!
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    Are friend of FMIL use to work for a local florist so we are ordering bulk flowers and she is arranging them, we are only using real flowers for the ceremony and a few silk flowers at the reception. 

    Here are the real flowers we are using:

    8 Doz Roses
    1 Pkg White Glads
    1 Pkg White Stock
    1 Pkg Medusa Lily
    1 Pkg Alstromeria
    1 Pkg Berries

    Here is the break down:
    Bride's Boquet: 2 dozen Tinto (deep wine) roses

    2 Bridesmaid bququets: 4 ivor/pink roses, 4 ivory roses, 6 Tinto Roses each

    2 Altar Flower Arrangements -  4 Ivory Roses, 7 Ivory/Pink Roses, 6 Tinto Roses, 5 White Glads, 5 white stock, 5 - Alstromeria,  5 Medusa Lilies (dark pink), greenery each

    Moms - single Ivory/Pink Rose

    8 Boutineers - Ivory Roses with Hypericum Berries (dark red)

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  • My bouqeut is white roses and stephanovas & the girls have 2 toned peach roses.  I can't wait to see them!
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  • Gerbera daisies, roses, tulips, hydrangea, all in different shades of pink with accents of black fiddlehead fern mixed in.  My bouquet is pink and white roses with white stephanotis.
  • All of our flowers will be white carnations (full size and minis) and blue dephinium.  Carnations are my favorite flower so don't think we can wrong with these.
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