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Dumb Mistake Wha Would You Do?

So, when I booked chair covers, etc. I was not thinking and reserved the amount for our total guest list. I KNEW not everyone would come, but I wasn't thinking about this when I booked my covers/table sashes. I think even the 90% minimum is going to be about 20 people higher than will actually be present.

Do you think I should see if I can have my contracted adjusted? Will they even do that? I still have 24 days to go, so maybe they will cut me some slack? Or should I just suck it up?

Would you ladies ask for a new contract or no?

Re: Dumb Mistake Wha Would You Do?

  • I think usually they'll let you adjust up to 10 days up to the event.  I would just call and check to see. It wouldn't hurt.
  • The worst they could say is No. I would call and see what you can do. They may make a deal with you.
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  • yeah, they gave me a minimum # that I would be billed for, which the minimum is still higher than our (probable) final headcount.  Hopefully they can cut me a deal and re-do the contract!!
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    I would definitly call and ask. The worst thing they could do is say no but they ussually will work with you.
  • I realized I did a similar thing. lol I gave my chair cover place my final count that I gave my reception hall. I am paying for 3 more chairs that I don't think I needed. lol I have my photographer, DJ and videographer added into my count, but they won't be sitting at a table. I am meeting with my reception captain today (YAY!!) so maybe we can figure out a place for the 3 extra chairs. (My one BM has a four month old and is breast feeding. She needs a chair in the bathroom because with her last fitting she realized she will have to take her dress completely off to feed him.) There will be an extra chair in the bathroom for her, so maybe it can be a classy feeding chair. lol
  • my chaircover place has that written into the contract, but there is a minimum.
     you're going to have to spend that money if the minimum cost cannot be lowered, so if you cant get it lowered see if you can get a different product for the money.
    maybe see if you can get a few specialty linens for the head table, or cake table to up the price instead of paying for chair covers you dont need.
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  • I agree with PPs, it doesn't hurt to ask!  But yeah, definitely make sure you know the final final number, and plan for a few extra just in case!
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