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AWWW Flowers! PIP

My FSIL's mom is a florist (and super talented!) and is doing our flowers.  She made a BMs boquet up to show me at a family party yesterday to makes sure we were on the same page (we are doing silk flowers).  I had gotten the orange spider bush for her, the mini orange and pink tiger lilies, and the ribbon for the wrap, but the rest she ordered into the florist shop herself from what we talked about.  So awesome  I love the little charms and the big pink peonies.  I do think I will give her some pearl pins to use instead though (I have some already that I was going to use for something else and now I'm not)

Now she only needs 2 more bushes of the mini orange lilies and 1 bush of the mini pink lilies from Hobby Lobby (we had only given her 1 each to play with)  and thats it to do all the rest of the boquets, bouts, pew bows ect. That and she said my total bill at the florist shop will be only about 100$ (Such a score on the savings.. only about 150-200 total including what I bought for her.  I will be getting her a gift for her to use for her cabin)

 The only difference between mine and the BMs bouquests is that mine will have a smattering of mini white lilies also.
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