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Going to be a widow, because I'm going to kill my husband.

Okay, I know, it's a horrible thing to joke about.

But I am seriously PEEVED at DH.  He went to Boston this weekend (about a 6 hour drive), to do some stupid tournament.  Took the two biggest restaurant days off so he could do this.  So right off the bat, it's an expensive trip.  In his defense, he did ask me if I thought it was okay, and I said go, it'll make you happy.

So fastforward.  I worked, got out around 11.  I knew he was hanging out with a friend he rarely gets to see (lives a couple towns over from Boston, DH is staying with him tonight), and didn't want to interrupt.  Figured, this friend has a very young baby, and a "real" job, and probably wouldn't be up super late anyway.  So around 2am, I texted Ross, like a hey, how's your night, don't want to interrupt too badly.

No answer.

Send another 15 minutes later.

No answer.

Started calling at 2:30, straight to voicemail.  So I'm freaking out, because I'm a worst case scenario type of person.  Obviously his phone is going to voicemail because he's in an emergency room somewhere and they've turned it off.  So I'm crying and fretting, and trying to figure out what to do.  I don't want to call the friend, because see above, he's got a young infant, and I'm betting sleep is precious.  So I send a text, thinking well, it's less intrusive than a phone call.  Get a call from the friend's phone a couple minutes later.  Yeah.  "Oh, my phone died and I forgot to turn it back on." Are you effing kidding me?  It's THREE AM, when was it going to occur to you that you should call your WIFE and say hey... I'm alive <3 you and crap.

He's currently wrapping up his night with the friend.  I told him, point blank, I'm sorry, but I am EXTREMELY upset with you.  

AGH.  What a poophead.

/end rant.


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Re: Going to be a widow, because I'm going to kill my husband.

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