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Ok.. why is it that my mom feels that we should wait till September to do anything for this wedding... I came to her house to have her help me with addresses for some of the family we are inviting... and now that I'm here waiting for her to help me she tells me that she doesn't think we need to do them till this time next month... WHY!!!???!!!!! why am I so unimportant that i can get pushed off AGAIN.... she keeps telling me that she is ready to help with the things for the wedding but when I get it worked out for me to drive the 45 mins to come see her so she can help me she doesn't think we need to do it yet... well we are running out of time pretty DAMN fast... pretty freaking pissed off right now... trying hard not to cry while shes sitting here but I'm really about to just let her have it
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Re: invitation VENT

  • You need to tell her how you are feeling.  Let her know that the sooner you guys can do some of these things, the easier life will be for you as the wedding gets closer.  
    Make sure she knows it's important to you.  Remind her that you need to mail the invites out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date.  And the sooner you can have them addressed and ready to go, the easier it will be to just drop them in the mail when that time comes.  

    Good luck!  

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  • Tell her you really want her support and it would calm your nerves to give people plenty of time to RSVP so you can plan.  If she's still uncooperative, loop in WP members or friends.  I'm sorry she's making you feel bad.  :(
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  • I would tell her that there are specific times things need to be done and if she's still like that then i would just go ahead and do it myself if I were you. It's going to stress you out and you want to de-stress and move on to other things so your aren't seriously losing it when the wedding gets closer.
  • My sister does the same thing  She tells me it is too early to be doing ANYTHING!!  Really there are three months left, things need to be getting done at some point!!!  I totally understand your rant!
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  • you are not alone....and you are right...things need to start being done...do you have a bridesmaid that you can have assist you with these things?  If its just too stressful i wouldnt even ask my mom.
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