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Funny RSVP responses?

Have any of your recieved any RSVPs that made you chuckle?
I've had two thus far. The first one i was warned about in advance. --My friend's daughter had arts and crafts time with my invite and RSVP card. I will say, I personally chose not to glitter them up and just keep them simple, but her daughter made them look fabulous. I especially enjoyed the crayon ribbons drawn all over :)

Second was one from one of my parents friends. We didn't have a place for the guests to choose their food-- it's buffet, with 3 meal options there. they'll be fine-- so this guy writes shrimp, steak, and chicken on the bottom of his rsvp, checks the shrimp and steak and xs out chicken. i laughed.


Re: Funny RSVP responses?

  • i love getting the personalized little messages from people...I havent had any funny ones yet though....I love the "fabulous" response you got sounds wonderful LOL
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  • LOL love it. No one has done anything to ours other than leave little notes. I hope someone decides to get creative. 
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  • We're gotten some picss drawn, some "can't wait" comments...my fav is from FI's old roomie (who is recently engaged) instead of checking accepts he wrote in "Woo-hoo!"
  • I had a friend how glmmed it out.  There were glitter glue and rhinestones involved.  It was cute and will go in scrapbook
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  • I'm still waiting for my uncle from Michigan to respond. I already know he'll add one more spot than expected. it's a long family joke for him to bring a sock monkey to weddings. "Mickey the monkey" showed up at my parents wedding, so i hope he comes to mine too.
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    Our cards ask people to indicate the number of each entree.  Alan's grandmother wrote a 1 next to the prime rib, then added "For now - I'm still waiting for George Clooney to get back to me."
    I adore that woman.
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  • I had a note from one of my mom's friends 'my grandaughter is driving me so she'll be there and thank you for inviting me'. I love seeing all the personal notes.
  • I've had several leave messages about how much they like the invitations.

    One girl has added about twenty check marks next to "excitedly accepts."

    It's been cute.  I think we've only received one, so far, that was just the basic check and sign -and it was from a single guy, so it was to be expected!
  • Not laugh, but I got a really awesome handwritten note back in the RSVP envelope from my mom's great-aunt. And my great-aunt wrote a note on the back about how she wishes she could be there, and wrote "great choices!" next to my meals!
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  • I just got my first two RSVPs in the mail today!  They were fill in the blank.

    One wrote "Holy History Channel!!!!" on the (Exclamation) line.  The same couple wrote 1/4 Small Hombres (Number of Children).  They just had a baby last month, : )

    The other couple wrote "of course going" on the (Able/Unable) to attend line and crossed out the small hombres line completely, adding with a smiley face, "Offensive question."  (They are not having children, lol.)
  • The only funny one we have gotten so far was unintetional - one of our GM's misspelled his own last name :-S
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  • nothing funny here. :( acutally for the past few days nothing at all!! stressing me out. lol
  • We've only had about 8 come back so far, but we've had a few drawings, a smily face and a smiling cat face instead of the 'x' mark!
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  • My MOH tried to be funny and send back a completely blank rsvp.  Seriously nothing filled out.  She thought it would be cute and would make the numbers on the back come in handy.  I, however, was emotional that day and it kinda upset me and I thought she was just being mean.  (overreact much?)  I *did* actually want her to fill in though, because she is not dating anyone at all, but I gave her a guest since she is in the MOH, so I was really curious if she was going to use it...
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  • Mine just went out today, but my boss's friend was telling me that for his son's upcoming wedding, two elderly aunts crossed out all the meal options and wrote in their own dinner choices, one of which was butternut ravioli! He said when you get to be 95, I guess you figure you can choose! He was going to see if the kitchen could accommodate them, which I thought was nicer than, "Hey, stuff it, auntie! You're having the shrimp and you'll like it!"
  • I had a friend warn me to not sit him next to people he doesnt' know "Because it will get awkard for everyone!" haha  Thats our only really funny response
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  • The very first one I got was really funny. It was from a friend of mine who wrote the number "12!!....just kidding! 2!" for the number attending and said "can't wait" in the margin. :)
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  • My sister's husband filled out their response card.  He didn't know what to write on the M ________ line, so since his name is Mark, he decided that "M" was for Mark and finished writing his name.  It was pretty clever!
  • My favorite so far was from my friend from high school.  He clicked "accept" but then wrote

    "But only for the ceremony.  I have a bachelor party for my good friend at Sox park at 7:00 P.M. - Sorry!"

    But he had messed up when he wrote "Sox," and I could tell he did some creative cover-up, because it looked like "Sex".  So he wrote on the back:

    "By the way, that does say Sox park and not Sex park.  Although I wish there were such a thing as Sex park for bachelor parties."

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  • we did mad libs style response cards.  for the guests invited with a date, there is a line that says "(name) will have the (champagne chicken/filet mignon) and (guest's name) will have the (champagne chicken/filet mignon"

    our friend wrote "(Anthony) will have the (filet) and (i dont have a date) will have the (but i'll still have her chicken).

    laughed for a good 2 minutes on that one!
  • I received one the other day from a GM that said please have a ginormous supply of yuengling..... That is all.....

    it was really funny, he also added a pic of the bottle
  • I sent invites to my family members (Mom, Gramma, FMIL and sisters) really just so that they'd have them for scrapbooks, etc. I also included the RSVP cards of course. Well, my FMIL sent hers back and wrote "Sillies" on the bottom of it. I guess she thought it was funny that we sent her an invite. (I guess it kind of is...lol) Also, even though Mom and Gramma have not sent anything back, Gramma said to Mom, "I wonder what she'd say if we sent them back and said we weren't coming?" My family is crazy and funny...Gotta love 'em.
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