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Invitation wording- any tips?

My family is late to EVERYTHING how can I word the invitation to make sure we start on time or atleast close to being on time? Should I  put an earlier time on the invites? If so, how much extra time? Would it be unfair to those usually on time to add 30 minutes?

Re: Invitation wording- any tips?

  • put your desired time on the invite maybe will something like will start promptly at your desired time. on the day fill it out my weddign cord ask me what i wanted and i told her if i was walking down the isle no entries but wheni get on the stage ushers may sit people who are late in the back unless its a grandmother....
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  • We are starting 5 minutes later than invite time.  This is because there is no subtle way into our ceremony venue for late comers.  I would talk with your contact at the venue and see how late comers will be handled.  Thirty minutes is a bit much to ask people to wait but I think 5-10 minutes would be okay.  Also make sure people have really good directions and maybe even add an estimated time from a given location (like a hotel or a commonly used expressway) so they are aware of how long it takes.  Of course directions/travel times wouldn't be on the invite, but on an insert of some sort.

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  • I do think it is unfair to guests who are on time to start 30 minutes after the time on the invitation.  To those who you think will be late, talk with them ahead of time.  Let them know that you will be starting on time, and that they will miss the ceremony if they are late.
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  • My ex-husband's family was like this.  It was very much a cultural thing.  I don't think it would be bad at all, knowing how they were, to put a start time 30 minutes early on their invites.  Then only they will think you're late.  ;-)
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  • I would put the exact time on there.  It's not fair to punish the people who are punctual.  If they can't manage to be on time for something as important as a wedding then it's their fault they miss it. Plus, you look unprepared for starting 1/2 an hour late (with all of the planning you are doing, you don't want that!).  If you are really worried, mention to them in person beforehand how important it is to be on time as you plan to start on time and don't want them to miss it.
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