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Unity... Sannnddd?

Ok So my FI thinks the unity candle and sand stuff is stupid.  Sooo Anyone have any ideas outside of this?  We may just skip the whole thing, but thought I'd see if anyone had any unique ideas.   ?

Re: Unity... Sannnddd?

  • If he thinks it's stupid, I would just skip it.  Some people do wine, which is kind of neat... especially if you're into wine.  But if those unity ceremonies just aren't for you, I don't think you really have to have it... there's plenty of 'unity' happening your vows!  Good luck.
  • I agree with your fiance, for the record, but my comment isn't to trash the whole practice. :)

    Unity candles, sand and/or rose ceremonies, and things of that nature are all there because they are special to the couple and MEAN something to them.  If your fiance is standing there thinking it's stupid, and just going along with it to appease you, don't you think some of that "unity" and meaning would be lost?

    Just a thought.
  • You'd kind of hate to see him force it if he isn't into it.  Might bring the moment down.  So maybe try something different?  A blessing?  Wine?
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  • we are doing a tree planting ceremony, and I have a reading if you are interested. Unity ceremonies are not needed though, and if it doesnt fit you, just skip it.
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  • MAYBE A COMMUNION OR SOMETHING WOULD BE A NEAT IDEA I THINK THERE IS ALSO THE CORD OF THREE strands thing and it just requires him to hold it...
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  • I have the same feelings as your fiance does... therefore we are not doing a unity anything! :)
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  • I agree with MelissaMc -- if your fiance isn't into it, don't you think it would take away from the moment/act of the unity sand/candle/wine/whatever?  How meaningful would it really be if you knew your fiance was standing there going,"God, this is stupid..."

    That being said, I'm not much into the "unity" stuff either... I think making vows to each other and exchanging rings is already a pretty big indication that we wish to become united for life. :)
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  • As PP mentioned-  if he feels that strongly, skip it.  We are not doing a unity candle and don't like the idea of sand ceremony. I think standing up in front of loved ones/friends and taking vows, is more than enough.
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