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Cake flavor for shower!

My cousin just sent me an emailing, telling me that I need to pick the cake flavor and filling for my shower cake.  I have NO IDEA what the cake will look like or anything, but she's SOOO excited about it, and has been talking about it for months now.  LOL

So here are the choices:

On cake options that have more than one filling, you can pick up to 2. Example – French vanilla with light cream and strawberry.


Itallian Cream Cake with the following filling options: Rasberry, Strawberry, Itallian Cream, Light Cream


French Vanillia with light cream, strawberry, raspberry, lemon curd or kahlua cream


Strawberry with Strawberry or light cream


Lemon with lemon strawberry or raspberry


Carrot with cream cheese or pineapple


Chocolate with chocolate mouse, strawberry, raspberry, or kahula cream


Bananan with light cream and sliced bananas


German chocolate with cocanut and pecan filling


Red velvet with cream cheese

I KNOW I don't want Italian Cream, Carrot, Banana (know 3 people who are allergic), German Chocolate, or Red Velevet... and I don't like Rasberry at all.

So that narrows it down to French Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon, or Chocolate.  They all sound good!

My gut reaction is chocolate w/ chocolate mousse, but I know a lot of people will think that's too rich tasting.  So I just don't know! 

Suggestions welcome!

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