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Hand addressing- please telll me it is the thought that counts!

Apparently my handwriting sucks (well I knew that already, but I thought if I was really careful, I could make it suck a little less) and now that I am addressing the invitations, I am getting super frustrated because they just don't look that pretty. :-(

What do you girls think- will people appreciate the effort in hand addressing invites and show a little grace, or should I print labels or directly on the envelope?

Oh, and I have already hand addressed my return address on the back of 100 and I"m not sure I have enough to start over.

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Re: Hand addressing- please telll me it is the thought that counts!

  • Mine sucks worse.  I picked up some pens called "Elegant Writers" and suddenly my handwriting was transformed.  I definitely think it's the thought.  The right tool really helped me!
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  • I would appreciate the effort :-) but I also wouldn't think too much of it if it was printed. either.
  • I'm also hoping it's the thought that counts.
    When I thought about it, I couldn't remember if other wedding invitations I had gotten in the past had good handwritting or not, so I'm sure people won't even remember.
    Honestly, I definatly think handwritting the best you can is better than labels :)
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  • I have some terrible writing as well.  But I'm with the rest, I don't remember if the past invitations I've gotten were hand written or not, so I dont' think it really matters either way :)
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  • I totally support handwriting because it is very personable!

    My writing looks nice but it is not super special (like calligraphy style or flourishy). It does the job!
  • I handwrote ours.  I too, agree that the right pen will make all the difference in the world!
    Also, I had to take frequent breaks.  When my hand got tired, my penmanship really suffered.  Some of them look kinda rough - but not bad enough to trash.
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    I am handwriting ours too. It's funny, my natural handwriting looks a little calligraphy-esque but apparently it does not translate well to addresses. They look like they were written by a drunk 5 year old.
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  • I hand wrote ours.  All 160 of them, ugh, my hand still hurts.  I can honestly say I don't notice the handwriting on wedding invitations but I do notice if they are printed on labels.  I just don't think it looks as good using labels.  It looks like a bill to me if there are printed labels.  I just bought a calligraphy pen and it made my normal handwriting a little prettier.  I wrote a little big sometimes but after you do 100 invites and you still have 60 to go what can you do?
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    I 2nd the pen comments. It makes a world of a difference.
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  • I support handwriting addresses as well, but I will say I enjoy doing it and have nice handwriting. 

    It's hard to really give you an opinion without seeing your handwriting...in all honesty, as long as the addresses are neat and legible (whichever way you do them - handwrite, print or label) I think it's fine.  My sister's roommate recently received an invitation with a clear label that was slapped on haphazardly and it looked terrible IMO! 

    BTW Aubrey...yours came out beautiful!  You have awesome handwriting :-) 
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  • I agree with PP, handwritten is fine. My mother is writing ours since she has nicer penmanship and time!  The envelope goes in the trash sooner or later so I don't see the need for special labels, stamps, etc.
  • The thought does count.....I plan on doing mine this week....and people had better love it because that's what they're getting regardless.

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