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Wish me luck... I just applied

to grad school!!!! It's a program at Eastern Michigan University for a masters in Integrated Marketing Communications. I've been thinking about working on my masters at night for a while, and I think this is the best program I'm going to be able to do without quitting work, and without moving cross-country. It'll be mostly online too which is convenient.

I'm really really nervous about it, it's going to be a lot of work, and I'm scared about getting loans, and being in debt (I have no debt from my undergrad) but I feel like it will open me up to a whole new level of income and opportunities if i can do it.

I'm mostly worried about the money if I do get in. I'll probably need a new car soon, and FI is still in school too. But as long as I have my job we should be ok... right?
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Re: Wish me luck... I just applied

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