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Anyone else stumped on food?

My fiance and I had our tasting the other week and have yet to choose our main courses.  For my own sanity, I would love to be able to choose one dish to be served to everyone so I don't have to manage placecards, rsvps, etc.

We both really liked the filet mignon.  Now I know everyone isn't a red meat eater but it was so damn good!  We are able to do a duet plate with 2 entrees.  Steak and chicken seems too heavy to me.  I was think steak and shrimp but realize there are allergies out there.  Of course veggie option will be available to those who request it. 

Thoughts?  Help! 

Re: Anyone else stumped on food?

  • Could you go with the steak and shrimp and substitute some of the veggie meal for those that are allergic to seafood?  Just a thought.
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  • I agree with PP. I love a steak and shrimp option and then if someone has an allergy/or special diet they can note it on their RSVP card and you could work around that.

    I know we are offering a chicken entree, a beef entree and a seafood entree to everyone but my cousin has a gluten allergy so whatever she selects we need to specify her order to the caterer to make sure there is no gluten in her meal.
  • Don't worry about food allergies and vegetarians unless you have a huge crowd of them. Just have your caterer prepare a seperate meal for them.

    Then pick what you want. And make sure they can prepare it in large quanities well. Nothing worse than overdone steak.
  • Unless you are going to be feeding half your guests with a special mean i wouldn't worry to much about it choose the one you will enjoy the most on your day... if anyone have something special they need to note it on the rsvp so you are aware of it talk to who everis cooking your meal and let them know to have something avalible when you receive anything special on your rsvps... don't stress people know if they have special eatting restrictions that they need to tell you...
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  • I'm so happy to not have to deal with this!  I completely handed the whole food deal over to FI.  Whenever his mother starts emailing me about food, I just say "call your son." I have enough crap to worry about.  The only thing I'm in on, is he and I are making roasted tomato soup ourselves.  

    And I know it's an extra hassle for you, but it's appropriate to offer at least two meal options.  There are things that I just will not eat (veal, scallops, pork chops).  I wouldn't think to make a note of that, or if I did think of it, I wouldn't, since it's not my show.  But as a guest, I'd be bummed, and HUNGRY if something I didn't like was served.  And would have to leave to eat.  


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