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NWR: NCLEX (nursing boards)

So..I took it yesterday AM. So freaked out.  From start to finish it took me 45 minutes. Umm..really? That can't be good. It shut off after 75 questions. For those nurses on the board...that's gotta be a good sign, right? I'm freaking out thinking that I  must have gotten all 75 wrong and there was no way to redeem myself.  I won't be able to find out til Monday which is gonna make for a crappy weekend!


Re: NWR: NCLEX (nursing boards)

  • 75 questions is a good thing. :) I took my boards last Friday  and found out I passed Sunday afternoon. Good luck!
  • I think mine shut off at around 100 ??  But 75 is good!!!  If you went into the 200s, then I would worry!!!

    I found out on my way to Cozumel (my celebratory just-graduated-from-nursing-school-trip) and cried on the plane :)

    Best of luck and I'm sure you did great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The only 2 people that had to answer only 70-some questions in my class both passed.  We also had 2 people that had to answer over 200 questions and they passed too.  When I took mine I was throwing up sick the entire day.  Don't sweat it, I am sure you did great!  I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
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  • Took mine in March! 76 questions, lol. THEY WERE AWFUL! definately thought i bombed, but i didnt! It took me a couple hours, everyone is different. Im sure you passed! good luck!!

    Cant you go online and check it for a "small" fee? thats how i got my results in 48H
  • When I took mine it shut off in 75 questions.  It's almost always a good thing!  Don't worry!
  • As pp have said, shutting off at 75 questions is a good thing.  The more questions you get, the more chances they're giving you to make correct choices.  By shutting off at 75 you probably answered the majority of them correct and should be fine.  I know it's horrible waiting.  Best of luck to you......
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  • 75 is def a good thing!  I was so excited when mine shut off!  And even more excited when I found out that I had passed.  Good Luck!

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