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Ideeli Vent! Any advice?! Long

This is somewhat WR, as I purchased items for a bridal shower and bachlorette party.

I made 2 orders at the end of June/beginning of July.  Order #1 had a potential bridal shower white dress and other dress and order #2 was the adorable white one shoulder dress for the bachlorette party I posted about.  They were delivered on 7/13 and I was totally disappointed.  The shower dress was more of a grey than a white as described and the other dresses didn't fit.  Ideeli's return policy is that you have 14 days from when they ship items to return.  On 7/14 I went online and followed their return procedure, which told me that in 1-2 business days I should receive an email with prepaid shipping labels so I could return my items for ideeli credit.

In addition and from a suggestion my sister made, I also wrote an email about the bridal shower dress and although the online description said white, it clearly wasn't.  I asked if I could receive credit back to my credit card for this and within a few hours I received a response that they'd be happy to do that.

Well, fast forward to today, 13 business days after my request to return the items and I still have not received my return shipping labels.  I have emailed 3 times after my original email (every 3 business days since I keep being told it should be 1-2 business days to receive it).  Last week I threatened to file a complaint with BBB (Better Business Bureau), hoping that would help get them going, but alas, I still don't have the labels.   The last response from Ideeli told me to check my spam/trash folders but the label email was not in there.  So this week I filed a complaint with BBB and received an email saying they're contacting the company for me and I can continue to try also.

This is so frustrating as between the 3 items I purchased I spent ~$215! And now it's just in limbo.  I've considered just paying the postage myself, but I'm nervous that when they receive the items they won't be processed correctly and I'll have no proof that they're mine for my credit.

Has anyone else had any experience with them?  Or do you have any advice as to what I can do? 


Re: Ideeli Vent! Any advice?! Long

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    We had a similar problem with a return to RueLala that we had shipped and they weren't crediting. We contacted our credit card company and disputed the charge and the next day the credit showed up from RueLala. It looked like it was just the added push that we needed to get them to get their act together. I definitely suggest disputing the charge with your credit card as a method of motiviation and to show that you're serious. It's much more effective than BBB.
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  • Thanks for the advice.  Should I just pay for return postage myself and then contact my credit card company?

    I'm assuming it wouldn't be valid to contact them if I still have the items in my possession?
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    Hmm..yeah. We had already shipped ours back and they wouldn't acknowledge receiving them. If you do ship it back I'd do it UPS with tracking just to be safe.
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  • Great, will do.  Thanks for your suggestion!!
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