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I can't wait till after the wedding because...


Re: I can't wait till after the wedding because...

  • All that extra money won't be going towards the wedding.
    We'll be living in our new place that we just put a deposit on yesterday!
    And obviously...we'll be married, and doing married things... ;)
    Kristen & Ryan | 10.10.10
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  • I look forward to:

    A lot less stress
    More time to enjoy life
    More money so I can do the above
    Being done with the wedding drama
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  • In Response to Re: I can't wait till after the wedding because...:
    No more stress over making sure I don't talk about the wedding "too" much 
    Posted by B&B1221

    Also these:
    -I get to call myself a wifey.
    -I'll be able to focus energy on anything beyond the wedding, i.e. looking forward to quitting my job when FI is out of school.
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  • I can finally cut my hair
    I won't have to worry about fitting into a dress and having a photographer in my face
    We can put money into moving into a bigger apartment

  • I get to have the initails R.E.M ... not that big of a fan of the band but the sleep I am def a fan of!
    I can stop being asked by every other person how wedding plans are going?
    I can stop getting emails from FMIL with all kinds of questions and ideas of mostly stuff I hadn't thought of yet ...
    I can decorate our apt with all our new stuff!
    I can start saving money for a house!
    I will be able to have sex again I keep forgetting that is going to be awesome because we are stopping on Mon at the 2 month mark and that is going to be HARD ... but hopefully worth it :D
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  • I cant wait to cut my hair, save money, go on vacation
    Jennifer & David 10/15/10
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  • No more stress!
    Start saving money for non-wedding things
    Focus on having a baby - most excited about this!
    And finally opening an Etsy shop I've been wanting for the past year
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    Laura & Brian | October 23, 2010 | Planning Bio!
  • We will have money again

    I stop being the annoying girl who's always talking about her wedding

    I can cut/dye my hair

    I can call Fi my HUSBAND!

    I can stop having nightmares about accidentally getting pregnant before the wedding and not fitting into my dress

    We can start a family (not immediately, but in the nearer future!)
  • *i can't wait to live with ryan (finally)
    *stop worrying about fitting in my dress
    *have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *go to ireland for our HM
    *cut my hair

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  • Oh i can't wait to
    1) stop saving every spare penny i can get my hands on ...
    2)  Stop feeling like a complete failure if i don't get a chance to exercise 5 nights a week
    3)  Cut my hair
    4) stop having wedding nightmares!
    5) Be his wife!
  • I can finally not constantly be checking my bank account!

    I can actually go shopping for new non wedding related clothes, shoess, and jewelry!

    I can actually again put money into fixing up and decorating our home!

    I get to wear my pretty wedding band!

    Maybe my sister will be nice to me again
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  • when we combine insurance we'll have almost $200 extra per month!  People will be able to spell my last name...
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  • -No more people asking if they're getting an invitation to the wedding, or flat telling me they want to come or will be there (even if they are not getting an invite)

    -I get to live with my one and only
  • 1) we'll get to take an awesome relaxing honeymoon
    2) I'll have a life again. I feel like all I do is come home and think about wedding stuff. I'd like to have interests and hobbies again outside of the wedding, lol

    But I will miss doing all of my crafty stuff. I could be like my cousin and do crafty stuff for all of my friend's weddings, lol.
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  • I am looking forward to FREE TIME!!!
    Spending our evenings walking again instead of wedding stuffs!
    Getting back to normal life..it is truly amazing how a wedding consumes your entire life!!
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  • - we'll be husband & wife, though most of our neighbors & coworkers already assumed we were married
    - honeymoon!
    - money saved can go towards the house/vacations
    - can look forward to taking long weekend mini-trips again (can't now because saving vacation time and money)
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  • FI not living 1 1/2 hours away


    having my nails done again! (Stopped to save $)
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