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AW - More BM Gifts Purchased - PIP

I left bed rest today to take my son to get a DS game with his birthday money since I missed his party last week.  Then, since Hobby Lobby turned out to be next to the store where we went, I stopped in there.  Totally overdid it (ack - pain!) but I finally got some great stuff for my DIY projects and a few things for my BMs.

I got this pocket mirror for BMs off of Etsy.  My plan is to also get them each a black pashmina.  Our wedding colors are black, white and red.  I wasn't going to do a ton of other things and was going to steer away from totes but I realized I have to put their gifts in something so I went a little nutty at Hobby Lobby.

4-pack of tote bags for $7.  Pink, green, purple, blue (not wedding colors but whatever!)

Iron-on monogram letters for the totes

Monogrammed tissue pack for their purse (99c each). 

Cute little notepads for each of them (1.99 each)

Thank you cards because gifts have started to arrive.  Woot!

Cocktail napkins and Stayz-on inkpad for my DIY embossed napkin project

Embossing powder, heat tool (1/2 off sale - $10) and styrofoam balls for DIY pomanders

Floral wire for DIY pomanders

Tissue paper for DIY pomanders - starting with two white balls to see how it looks and will do red as well, probably. 

Excited to start on the projects.   Well, after the Vicodin wears off and I can move again.  I probably could have gotten some neat things online or by shopping around but I just don't have the energy so I grabbed what I could while I was there.  I will, however, get the additional styrofoam balls and tissue paper at Michaels with coupons.  But at least I can start projects when I am bored.

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Re: AW - More BM Gifts Purchased - PIP

  • woohoo....  love shopping and getting project stuff. Cannot wait to see a finished project.
  • Great!

    I got those same button/mirrors for my girls! I gave them each a different one to go with their personality!
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  • That is awesome!!!  It looks like you got a whole lot, but I hope you rest up from all of that shopping! That would tire anyone out!

    But way cute stuff!  Looking forward to seeing your completed projects!
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  • Thanks.  I will definitely show off the napkins once I start.  I got white embossing powder and am hoping that looks good.  If not, it's back to the store for either black or silver.  No idea how the pomanders will turn out but I hear they take forever so it doesn't hurt to get started!
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  • Wooohoooo.....looks great!

    Leigh Anne & Billy
    *October 2nd, 2010*
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