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Ceremony Dilemma :(

Hi ladies, Happy New Year!

I get to start off my new year with a major wedding issue (woop de doo)! I called the church yesterday to set the time for the ceremony so that way I can get the ball rolling on booking limos and ordering invitations. So the priest tells me that we can have the ceremony at 3pm. I ask if there's a way to make it a bit earlier, maybe 2pm, and the priest says we can't because THERE'S ANOTHER WEDDING THERE AT 1:30PM!

Now I'm super freaking out because I don't think that leaves much, if any, time in between that wedding and my wedding to 1) Get their guests out of the church and out of the parking lot, 2) Get my guests in, and 3) Get my flowers set up in the church. Especially, what if it's a mass wedding (i.e. about an hour long)? That leaves even less time!

I can foresee this being a major issue. Our priest said it would be fine and that the other wedding will "be considerate" and move out in an orderly fashion. However, I don't think they will be that way because it's their wedding day too and if they want to take a gazillion pictures in front of the church, who's to stop them? I don't want to be walking into the church while a whole other wedding/wedding party is in front of the church trying to take pictures.

Am I being overdramatic?

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Re: Ceremony Dilemma :(

  • Take a breath! I'm sure everything will work out fine. I'm sure whatever florist you go with will have dealt with close timing like this before.
    everything will be perfect!!! the only thing that matters is that your marrying FI!
    I would just discuss with the preist if you may get in touch witht the other bride and maybe ask her some details. You might even be able to use some of the same flowers and such and share the cost!!!
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  • I would do two things:
    1) See if you can talk to the bride before you. Like the PP said, maybe you can have your flowers set up early and be there for hers and split the cost? That or you will at least know what she is planning. I am sure if you can talk to her now she will be okay with figuring it out...I would guess she doesnt want to run into another bride either :)
    2) See if you can hold your ceremony later - I know this is prolly not ideal hearing that you originally asked for earlier, but it might be better in the long run....just something to think about

  • That is a short amount of time but I've had that happen in my family before. Everything went off without a hitch. I'm sure the church has done that sort of thing a million times and everything will work out!
  • Breath taken! :)

    Matt called and spoke to his mother (she used to be a florist) and said that the flowers would be the biggest deal with getting in and out. Luckily, I have a florist who is really good and who won't take any crap, so I'm sure he'll get this thing done in time. The flowers were actually the least of my worries- I didn't even think of that until Matt's mom said it. After talking it over a bit, I feel a bit better about it. Matt also brought up the point that there will be cops there (luckily from the police department my brother-in-law works at) who can be helpful in moving people along. Also, most of the ceremony guests will be coming from the hotel via a bus we're hiring, so parking and such won't be such a big issue.

    If the wedding before is a full mass, I'll definitely be a little bit worried. However, our priest said he doesn't mind moving it a few minutes later if necessary (i.e. we can start at 3:15) but we can't move it later because they have confession and mass that day after our wedding. Since I'm only having the ceremony, we can start a bit later than necessary. If the other wedding is just a ceremony as well, I don't think it'll be much if any of an issue. I'm definitely crossing my fingers and toes though!

    Thanks for the advice, I just got super worried because I know we hung out and took tons of pics outside of the church at my sister's wedding. Whatever, I guess the cops will be there to move people along :)

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  • I can see why you would be concerned.  That does seem like a short time inbetween weddings, but I'm sure that the priest has done this before or he wouldn't suggest it to you.  If you're worried I would talk to the priest, and let your concerns known. 

    I would be prepared that the bride before you might not have her plans set in stone yet and might not be that helpful to you with the timing just yet.  I know I'm personally not sure what I'm planning for pics and receiving line just yet so she might not yet either. 

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  • I would have had a panic moment too!

    I'd just let your florist know that they're going to have to hussle!

    I'd also talk to the priest to pressure him (haha) to stay on schedule and push them along!
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  • Not to cause more stress but I would ask the preist to ask if there is any plan for if the first bride runs late. Ive heard of brides running 30 min late and things always pop up. So how far late can they be and still have there ceremony before it pushes into your time. More than likely he will say "  oh they wont run late" but as a girl we all know our hair/makeup etc can run longer than expected so I would want a promise of like, "if they dont start by 1:45 then we move on and start planning for your wedding" ---sorry to bring this up.
  • Don't apologize Bec! This is the stuff I want/need to hear about so when I do talk to the priest, I can bring it up! :)

    Our priest has already spoken to the other priest so at least it will be known by him that there is another wedding happening afterwards. That's why I'm really hoping that the other wedding is only a ceremony, so it gives us a little bit of breathing room.

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  • im sure everything will be just fine.
  • I'm actually in almost the same situation -- except I'm the 1pm bride!! When Scott & I first got engaged, we knew what date we wanted and the only Catholic Church in this area that would marry us (he's not catholic, but this priest is very realistic).  My heart sunk when he said there was already another wedding that day.  He gave us the option to have it before (1pm) or after (5pm). 

    I'm not sure how your other bride is working it out, but we decided not to do any pictures at the church, only us in a receiving line (to make it quicker), and not to decorate the church.  I absolutely did not want to ruin the other bride's day or cause her any added stress.  Plus, this priest leads a very quick mass (he finished my best friend's in 35 minutes), so I figure we'll be leaving no later than 2pm. 

    Try getting in touch with the other bride like the other girls said -- I'm sure she'd be willing to work through this with you!  Good luck!!!
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    Aww Kae, I wish you were my 1:30pm bride!! :)

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