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Special facial/skin regimines anyone?

I am looking into this and I'm not sure what's good as I usually just use soap. My skin usually has no blemishes or anything like that. Now that I've been stressed more though, I've noticed I've been getting breakouts which is totally new to me.  So, I think I might want to start a regimine.

What is your regimine? Are you using something special for the big day?
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Re: Special facial/skin regimines anyone?

  • I struggle with my skin, a lot. I've had continuous acne since middle school (I'm 25 now). So right now I'm on a host of perscription topicals and oral antibiotics. It's helping, but not perfect. And everything I've ever been on quits working after a few months. Hopefully it works well enough to get me through the wedding.
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  • I use Mary Kay's face stuff. I like it because a few weeks after I started using it my skin became the healthiest it has been. Before that I used soap and some kind of moisturizer (usually luberderm b/c that's what was laying around) so the change over to real face products was definitely needed.
    I think that you are supposed to stick with one brand because the products are made to work with each other. Otherwise you might end up with too much of one kind of ingredient or not enough of another that would be beneficial to your skin. My mom and sister love Arbonne (another consultant based company- like mary kay) and more recently the oil of olay products for aging skin.
    Anyways HTHs and good luck
  • I use and have used Mary Kay for 6 years.  I'm biased though, because I'm a consultant.  On top of a regular skin care regime (cleanser/toner, moisturizer, day/night solution, SPF) I also do at home microderm abrasion twice a week.  

    Once a week I mix up my own facial mask.  1 egg white and 2 tablespoons lemon juice mixed together.  I just use my fingers to apply it to my face.  Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes (you'll feel it dry and tighten) then rinse it off with cool water.  Helps minimize my pores.  

  • Similar to Breanne's post...I've struggled with acne for the past 10 years.

    BC has helped to minimize it, but I still get breakouts, and more-so recently with stress.

    I've always used and liked Clinique's 3-step skin care line...I just switched from the oily/combo skin set to the acne set.  It's been a week and after the initial breakouts ("cleaning" my skin, like how facials can cause irretations at first), it seems to be working well.
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    I had acne during my teenage years into my mid-twenties (I'm 31 now).  My skin has cleared up for the most part, but about a year ago I was still getting these awful cysts a few times a year...I definitely didn't want one for the wedding! 

    So I now use a prescription topical cream at night just on my jawline area called Epiduo and it works wonders...no more cysts! 

    I also have been using Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser for a couple of years and love it.  I wash my face with it in the morning and before bedtime...after I wash in the morning I use Aveeno positively radiant facial moisturizer with SPF 15, and at night use Aveeno calming cream for sensitive skin. 

    I often get compliments on skin, so it all seems to be working! 
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  • I definitely wash and moisturize twice a day..no specific regimen other than that...and I drink a lot of water..I feel like if I veer off and drink soda or iced tea is when I start to break out...My skin is sensitive so the expensive stuff is bad for me...I just use L'Oreal face wash or Dove face wash and Avon lotion. I often get compliments on my skin and people cannot believe that I use the cheaper options, but they tend to work best for me.
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  • I'm in the acne boat. Started getting cysts on a regular basis at 20 and it hasn't stopped (I'm 25 now.) I've done everything, including accutane, but no luck. Right now I'm doing AcneFree's system with prescription Diffren at night. It was working, but like Breanne said above, I get to a certain point and it just stops. Ugh. My shower's tomorrow and I look like poc-zilla :o(

    When I didn't have acne I LOVED noxema, used it since I started washing my face up until the acne started. Use cetaphil for a moisturizer and all neutrogena makeup (non-comodenic) products. Arbonne makeup is great too, non-comodenic and vegan.
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    I've been using Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer (Dream Tint) and powder.  It is seriously amazing and worth every penny (which, by the way, it takes a lot of pennies to buy :( ).  I would really recommend it, though, for anyone who doesn't have perfect skin.  It's the only moisturizer I've ever been able to use...ever. 

    Other than that, I just use Neutrogena face wash...seems to work.  Anything expensive seems to make my skin worse.
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  • Thanks ladies for the suggestions!  I'll have to look into some of these things!!
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  • I'm also on the acne boat.  BC cleared up the worst of it and sometimes I'm still amazed when I look in the mirror and it's been almost five years.  I still get breakouts, especially around my hair line (if I've been wearing my hair down) and around my chin (where I rest my head in my hands).  I also have dark circles/bags under my eyes. 

    I've found that when I'm good about not touching my face, not letting my hair fall over my forehead, and just washing/using astringent on my face, it clears up pretty well.  I don't use any expensive products, mostly Walmart or Target brand astringent and Clean and Clear face wash, my breakouts are under control.  Also, switching to a toothpaste/shampoo/soap that doesn't have any of the sodium laurethmumbo jumbo chemicals in it helps also.  Or, just make sure you wash your face after you wash your hair and brush your teeth.

     To deal with the bags under my eyes, I drink tons of water.  I mean TONS - 10+ glasses a day.  When I do this, my skin is firmer and the bags are much less noticeable.  I know it has to be the water because, when I switched to a job where I don't have ready access to water, the bags came back with a vengeance!  Drinking lots of water is one of the best things you can do for your skin.
  • I've got rosacea (dry, rough red skin due to capillaries being too close to the skin surface) and almost NOTHING works to soften my skin and help with the redness. I tried out SO many things, and finally found one that does an amazing job: Eucerin's Redness Relief. 

    There's a non-foaming cleanser (gel), spf day moisturizer and night cream/serum in the series. It's fantastic.
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  • Acne.org. I discovered this site after getting engaged because I wanted to clear up my face. I've use mary kay for most of my adult life and it just doesn't cut it. So I use the cleanser and treatment, twice a day. I still use mary kay moisturizer because the acne moisterizer didn't work very well.

    You will have to just try things and see what works. If just washing with soap and using a moisturizer has worked for you then maybe just adding a toner will help with the stress breakouts.

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