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**Ohhhh Jaackiiiiiiii**

So B and I are taking our main honeymoon on our one year anniversary (new house, expensive wedding, student loans blah blah blah).

But we wanted to do something just for a few days after the wedding because we both took the week off. So, we decided to go to Chicago for 3 nights! We're going to drive, we're only about 4.5 hours or so away. B loves Chicago, we've been there once before for my 21 birthday, we took the amtrack. But we didn't get to do everything he wanted to do. So I thought this would be a perfect time to go back!

So, will you tell me where are the best spots to eat, what are some must-see sight seeing places, etc?!??!

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Re: **Ohhhh Jaackiiiiiiii**

  • Oooh, Chicago is going to be so much fun!  I wish I had some recs for you, but I've only been twice.  
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  • Go to the original Gino's East....mmmmmmm...the original not the franchised ones....Bring a sharpie to graffiti the wall
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  • Giordano's! :) Mmmmm!! Ooey gooey goodness!
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  • I know I'm not in Chicago but you should go to Ed Debevic's! It's a diner where the staff is purposely rude but not over the top, it's funny! I think you two will enjoy it. :)

    Also, if you're into aquariums, you need to check out the Shedd! Last time I went they had Beluga whales and a dolphin tank where they do a show - the dolphin tank was really cool bc a wall was all glass and it looked like it went out into the lake so it looked like their tank went on and on. 

    A trip to Ghiradelli's off Michigan right by the Water Tower/John Hancock building is a must!!!!!! ;)

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  • I'm also from Chicago, so if you have any questions when you get planning let me know! Here are some of my favs!

    Navy Pier- Ferris Wheel, Boat Tours, shopping, dining (Bubba Gumps... yum!)
    Brookfield or Lincoln Park Zoo
    Magnificent Mile- Michigan Avenue shopping/dining
    Theaters- not sure if you are interested in theater, but The Lion King will be in town this fall! http://disney.go.com/theatre/TheLionKing/#/home/
    Shedd Aquarium
    Second City or Zanie Comedy Clubs
    Wrigleyville (fun bars, dining, Wrigley Field)
    Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) SkyDeck and Ledge- http://www.theskydeck.com/theledge.asp

    If I think of anymore, I'll let you know! Chicago is fabulous and you'll have a great time!
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  • Thanks girls for all the rec's! I wrote them all down, I can't wait to research them all!
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  • Also, if you like improv there is Too much light makes the baby go blind.  Second city for comedy.  The Adler Planeterium had a great show with their zeiss projector (did an internship there).  The Steppenwolf theatre is always great.  Super trendy restaurants at North and Halstead. 

    My personal favorite is the Art Institute though.  I like to stand in the armour and look at the chagall stained glass.  There's so much to see and the restaurant in the courtyard is very yummy even if it is over priced.

    The Palmer House is a fun hotel and very central, but there are other hotels much closer to the high end shopping.
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