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Hi Everyone
I am looking for a venue in Napa (or close to) to hold our rehearsal dinner....about 30 people...nice but not too expensive. I'm finding it unbelievable that the quotes I'm getting for 30 people are half, if not more, of our entire wedding cost. Please help!!! Thanks ;)

Re: Reasonable Rehearsal Dinner Venue

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    Are you staying at a hotel near your wedding venue the night before or after the wedding?  We used our hotel's restaurant/lounge area for our rehearsal dinner (for 26 people) at no charge.  We brought in our own food and drinks and supplies.  The trick was that we couldn't reserve the area, and it was available to hotel guests if they chose to use it.  No one bothered us, and turned out fantastic!  It allowed us to mingle and relax.
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    We stayed at the Best Western Premier Ivy Hotel in Napa.   Service was excellent.  I'd go back.  Our wedding venue, V. Sattui, on the other hand was not so excellent.
  • Thanks. We decided to do our rehearsal dinner where our actual ceremony is held...they were so much easier to work with than the restaurants that wanted a $4000 min for 30 people. I know it's Napa but that's a bit of a joke!
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