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Venue Inquiry - Marion's HELP!

Hello all!  I am currently planning a destination wedding in Charleston and am still hunting for a venue that can fit our guest list of about 125.  I stumbled across a website for Marion's in the French Quarter.  I am not familiar with that area of Charleston or the venue so I was wondering if anyone has been there or has any insight?  They are very reasonable in comparison to other venues in the downtown area so I am bit worried it might be too good to be true! 

Also, any other suggestions for venues with reasonable rental rates and under $15k food and beverage minimums?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Venue Inquiry - Marion's HELP!

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    Marions is right across from the park. It is not that far from downtown at all.
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    We recently looked at Marion's for my daughter's wedding reception (July 2012).  It is very nice and right in the heart of downtown Charleston.  One advantange is they let you use your own caterer.  We were concerned about parking - which is usually an issue downtown.  There is a parking garage fairly close to Marion's though.  Marion's really is a nice venue and looks just as good or better than the pictures we saw online.

    However, we ended up booking Harborside East in Mt. Pleasant, SC which is just across the Ravenel Bridge and very close to downtown Charleston,  The view there is gorgeous (of the Charleston Harbor and the city skyline, the Yorktown and the Ravenel Bridge) and they have plenty of room if you wanted to have your ceremony (outside) there as well.  They are a fairly new venue, having just recently reopened.  (They used to be called 28 Bridgeside and I understand they had to close due to structural issues but that all of those have been resolved.)  They were the same price as Marion's.  They have a huge outside patio area (some of which is covered) overlooking the harbor in addition to the lovely inside reception area.  And - there is plenty of free parking.  (My daughter is getting married at a chapel in downtown Charleston as it would most likely be too hot for an outside ceremony in July.)

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for the response!  I still haven't heard back from anyone other than an automated email which is kind of worrisome.  Based on your tour...what do you think the maximum is for seating at Marion's?
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    I looked at Marions and the loca tion itself is excellent. My finace and I also really liked the ability to bring in the caterer of your choosing. I liked the bar area in the front, I could see a lot of fun decorating going on there. That said, I thought it was a lot of money (comparatively) to some of the other places I checked out. It only includes the space which, while nice, didn't blow my socks off. BUT, that's because I wanted something a little "different." I definitely think it's a solid choice and if you get a chance to tour venues I would recommend making it one of your stops.
  • Finally booked a venue.....Harborside East!  So thanks MaliBlueCrew for the suggestion!
  • Oh that is so exciting!  When is your wedding?  Are you going to get married there as well or just having the reception there?  It really is SUCH a nice venue!  I'm glad I could help!
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