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Barn Venue?

I live in Dublin and having been searching for a rustic barn for our venue....with no luck! Any help? I would like it to be within an hour from Dublin/Pleasanton. Would love any advice on finding one! Thanks!

Re: Barn Venue?

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    Is Livermore within an hour?  Murieta's Well might fit.  In the Pleasanton area, the vineyards host weddings, and their tasting rooms often look barn-like.  Sorry, I'm from the Peninsula, so I'm of limited help.  But if you haven't already, check out .
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    Hmm... that's a rather urban area, no?  I know nothing of the East Bay.  Maybe you'll have more luck if you try heading out a little farther.  Sonoma county, for example. 
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    yes...ditto PP.  or down by carmel.  i know holman ranch has a barn...thats in Carmel. 
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    There's Long Branch Saloon & Farms in Half Moon Bay. I havent seen the sight personally, and I'm not even too sure about it being an actual barn. But I remember running across ads for it when we were searching for a location in HMB. It's very country, and it wasn't for us, so I didn't look further into it.
    Good luck!
  • lisagullettlisagullett
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    Thanks everyone for all the info! Checked out the sites and found a couple possibilities!
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    Definitely check out I Do Venues-  there are lots of Barn style venues listed- with lots of Real Weddings - Here Comes The Guide is great- but it is a paid advertisement- I Do Venues is a blog so it has more "out of the way" places  on the list!

    I Love Marietta's Well- it is run by Wente - so the food and service will be five star.

     If you are looking for more of a budget venue- consider the Ravenswood Historic site-  here is alink
    Gloria @ I Do Venues
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    Vendors are not allowed here. I know you're being helpful, but you're also violating TK guidelines.
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