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I should have been warned when I realized that there were no reviews about this company online or on here (although now I have found ONE review on theknot community, but it's too late now!). Melissa Fischer, the owner, has been so hard to work with. She was nice and friendly during the initial appointment, but the second that I left her home from the consultation and paid her the deposit, she has been nothing but rude. I ordered Save the Dates and Invitations from her. I paid half of the amount (required for her to process) without being able to see a proof for my save the date or my invitations. I was okay with the save the date, not floored by the design or anything, but since they'll just wind up in the trash I didn't concern myself over them. I know that waiting past six months until the wedding is my fault, but she has not helped the process. My fiance' and I didn't have our engagement pictures taken until it got warm out and so by the time we got them back it was 5 months until the wedding. During the consultation, I was told that the time for save the dates "was pretty quick...usually five business days or so." So I sent her the picture that we wanted to use and waited. and waited. and waited. Finally I emailed her and she informed me that it would be 10 business days to get a proof. What? Why wasn't I told that upfront? After I got the proof, I made some slight changes and ordered immediately. On July 31st, I placed the order. As of today, I still do not have my save the dates. I emailed her after a week and she told me ten business days, but as you can see, 10 business days are long gone. 
My emails have gone unanswered. And when she does answer she'll only answer one question, so if you ask 3 or 4 questions in one email, you'll only get one responded to. Her answers are hateful and rude and although I called her asking her to call me back, she responded via email, yet again, in a tone that was very condescending. "Sorry they're taking longer than expected. I told you I'd let you know when they're in." 
In my opinion, if you own a business, you need to be customer service oriented. She has NO customer service skills. I wanted someone face to face to design my invitations because I was afraid of screwing them up online and honestly, I'd rather give someone local my money rather than a random printing company in another state. 
I'm attempting to get the difference back between teh save the date costs and my deposit and going elsewhere for my invitations. There are a million other things that I need to worry about rather than a rude, arrogant designer thinking that she needs me more than I need her. 

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  • Thank you so much for the information!!!! I hope you are able to find some one soon! I can recommend someone that is very sweet and will hopefully be able to help you quickly!! The company name is weddings plus invitations by Tessa. Her phone number is 645-7189 and she is local, she actually was a member of the st pius church. Her website is
  • There is someone in Hodgekinsville or around there and she does great work.  If you have a budget in mind she will work within that. Myself and a friend of mine used her for our invitations. She does most everything through email though, but if you are willing to drive she will meet with you face to face.

    [email protected]
  • Thank you so much for this. I saw her at a wedding show and thought about using her, but I will not now.
  •  Thanks for that info. I loved what I had seen online...
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  • I had issues as well.  My finance and I met with Melissa and found a sample that we liked, and asked her to duplicate the sample, but with our particular information.  We were given a price and told that our invitations would cost a certain amount.  Later, when she sent the proof (like the original poster noted, the time Melissa told us it would take to get the proof and the time it actually took to get the proof were way different), we noticed the proof didn't have rounded edges, like the sample we had looked at and had Melissa price.  When we asked about this, Melissa said it was an "upgrade" and if we wanted it, we would have to pay her another $50.00.  I disputed this charge, as the sample she had shown us had rounded edges and we had asked her to price THAT save the date.  If Melissa misquoted a price, she should have honored the price quoted and delivered the product.  I even offered to split the difference with her; she still refused.  As it had taken quite a bit more time than we expected already, I felt trapped and went ahead and paid the $50.00.  The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth.  I was so glad though, that we had only given her a deposit for our save the dates, and weren't committed to using her for our invitations.  
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