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What are the rules around what music you can use for a Catholic ceremony?  I've heard it needs to be sacred music, but I'm sure I've heard Canon in D used in a Catholic church before, so I'm kind of confused.  I've also heard the bridal marches are not allowed in some churches.  It's not a huge deal for me either way, but I would rather mix in some classical music if we can.

Also, I would love to hear what you used/ are using for ceremony music.

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  • LittlinLittlin
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    You really have to talk to your priest - it is very dependent on the church.  My priest said originally that we could only use secular music, but then he also said it was okay that we use classical music. 

    I just think he doesn't want us to dance down the aisle to "Forever" by Chris Brown (although that was a very creative idea!).
  • tnspighttnspight
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    I agree with pp, you should check w/your priest and/or music director.  We  were told not to use the wedding marches but Canon in D is allowed. 

    We're using Romanza from Eine Klein Nacht Musik for the seating of grandparents and moms.  Air from Water music for attendants.  Trumpet Voluntary (the prince of Denmark's March) for me and Hornpipe from water music for the recessional.
  • meltoinemeltoine
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    Technically, only sacred music may be used, especially if you are having a full mass. But, like PPs said, some priests enforce this piece of Cannon Law, others don't. 
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