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Tonight FI & I watched Fireproof .starring Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron.  You know I know there has been alot of talk (ok well years ago) about how he became this religious fanatic and left Hollywood, and this may be true, but I have to say this was a pretty good movie.  FI & I both agreed that it would be a good addition to any pre-cana courses.

I posted a while back about our pre-cana experiences.  The first day long session was GREAT, we  loved the couple leading it.  The second was HORRIBLE.  The first session really made us think about how we would handle various situations we may possibly face in married life.  This movie had the same affect.  Plus at the end it posted the website relating to it  I haven't checked it out yet but am planning to sometime soon.

Just thought I'd share.

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    i really liked that movie too.
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    I bought the movie from Lifeway for FI and I for Christmas and for FI and I to give to my parents.  None of us have seen it yet, but we kept hearing about it at Engaged Encounter and other places.  I can't wait to watch it over the Christmas vacation from work.  It seems the tag line is "never leave your partner behind".  That's what attracted me to the movie because your marriage requires teamwork.
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    We watched it a couple months ago at a couple's night with our church and both enjoyed it.  I felt like some parts were a little preachy and a little like an after school special for adults.  Overall though it's worth investing in a copy.  I know the movie and book are at Target.  It was odd seeing Kirk act like a jerk.
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    It was a really awesome movie....the priest that's marrying us had recommended to go see the movie in theaters....he ended up having a movie night with our young adult forum and we based our last young adult retreat off of FireProof. 


    It's a great movie and the "Love Dare" is really FH and I have been working on the Love Dare...we're on Day 7 right now. 

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    I saw it in theatres and tears dropped.  I really enjoyed it.
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    FI and I liked the idea of the Love Dare but decided to wait till our 1 year anniversary to do it.  We both felt that it will be a good way to remind us why we chose the path we did.
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