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unable to marry in the church?

Hi ladies!
   Question for you! My wedding is 3 weeks away and my FI and I are just now meeting with our priest to go over the paperwork to submit to the archdiocese. I am catholic, but my FI is not. We did the paperwork and I signed the letter stating I would raise any children catholic, which we are going to do. However, right now I am kind of a non-practicing catholic. I do not go to church every sunday, usually on holy days and holidays with my family. I told my priest this, but now I am worried that the archdiocese may not allow us to marry in the church because of this. Has anyone else been a non practicing catholic and informed the priest of this and been denied?
Sorry its so long, I'm a little worried at this point since its only 3 weeks away!
TIA Ladies!!

Re: unable to marry in the church?

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    i seriously doubt you will be denied.  they would much rather marry you in teh church hoping that you'll be come more devout upon receipt of the sacrament, then to turn you away and have you marry outside of the church will in theory will have you living in sin.

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    Thanks for the response! Thats what I was thinking to, but my FI had me worried. It wouldnt make sense for them to turn us away and marry in sin.

    Thanks again!
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    Well, does the Catholic wedding mean anything to you? How did the priest react when you told him that? I guess he may ask you - does the Catholic ceremony mean anything to you, will you participate with the belief that what you are doing there is different, more holy than just a JOP ceremony?  Some priests may ask  you more questions, others may say that they understand... it really differs. Like PP said, I doubt they would turn you away. They may just want you to put more thought to it, to make sure that you are not putting on a show.
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