Name Change with the lovely DMV

So, I went to SS and changed my name. Have the new SS card. Have my marriage certificate. Do I need anything else to take with me to the DMV? Any paperwork I can/need to fill out prior to? Their website is utterly confusing and a waste of time, imo.

Any help is appreciated!

Re: Name Change with the lovely DMV

  • It is a rather special fill out the replacement license form (DL-80), unless your license expires in the next six months -- then you fill out the renewal license form (DL-143).   If all you want is the update card, it's free. If you want a replacement license with your new name, it's $13.50.  All forms are available online.  :)
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  • Thanks! I went with the update card, since I need a new photo come July anyways. :)
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