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Stone Mill Inn and Heritage Hills

Does anyone know much about the Stone Mill Inn in Hallam, or Heritage Hills Golf Resort in York? We have appts to go look at both sites coming up and was wondering if anyone knew their pricing info and anything else, so I don't look like a deer in headlights when they tell me, haha.
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Re: Stone Mill Inn and Heritage Hills

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    I considered both for my wedding reception.  How many people are you inviting?  Stone Mill is BEAUTIFUL but cannot hold a ton of people.  Heritage Hills is beautiful as well, especially the Window Terrace, but if you are having alcohol, the price per person really sky rockets.  Stone Mill you have to bring in your own caterer, or use their house caterer, which isn't the cheapest either.  I am not sure what kin dof budget you have, but at both places, the food/venue took up our entire budget that we had planned for the entire wedding.  Both are absolutely gorgeous, but just in different ways.  Stone Mill is classic and historic-ly elegant.  Heritage Hills is more traditionally elegant, but breathtaking with the views.
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    I saw Stone Mill and I really liked it but when they said that there is no dancing allowed outside I was like well where do you dance!? And like MB said if you have have a large guest list its not a very good place. I am almost positive that their wedding packages started at like 1500 and up but don't quote me on that. I have thrown away all my information but at the time we were looking it was in our budget so I am sure it wasn't much more than that. 

    Good luck!
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    Stone mill is 3795 for a half day of 4000 something... for a whole day.  Plus you pay a per person price for the caterer ($35-45 per person), you pay to rent the tent ($750, plus $125 if you use the sides if it rains) if you are using it, you pay per table for linens (18-20 dollars per table), and you pay per person for china ($3.50 or 2.50 I forget per person).  The little costs add up.
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    Holy crap I was off! Thanks MB you just refreshed my memory as to why we didn't book it... haha 
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    Tony at heritage hills makes you feel like you are getting a deal, but once you factor in alcohol and outrageous price just to rent the room is really not worth it. Plus you plan everything with him and then he is not there to execute your vision on that day. He hands it over to some lady you never met. For my friends wedding the florist brought her flowers there and she placed them in a dark closet needless to say they were wilted and half dead by the time the ceremony rolled around. I would be cautious booking with the. haven't heard the greatest things.
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