First off, welcome to The Knot and congratulations on your engagement! The community is made up of a lot of different brides, with different opinions.

I encourage everyone to introduce themselves and to post frequently so we know where you are in the planning process! The Illinois board is for everyone in Illinois not just Chicagoland! So please feel free to post anything about every area of Illinois.

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Good luck with your planning and I hope to see you on the board!



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    I just found the site today. My partner and I have been together 12 1/2 years. We did not think we would see Illinois passing a civil union law in our lifetime. We are in our mid-forties. Most every time we try to discuss our big day, our eyes get teary. Although the new law does not take affect until 06012011, we are planning now.

    I have yet to see any information on when the State will begin issuing licenses. We live in Madison County (just outside St. Louis).

    I look forward to learning/sharing.
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    Yay! I live in Madison County too!


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    I'm so excited that you finally made a central Illinois section! Illinois is way bigger than just Chicago! The only thing is, it's not very helpful yet. I mean really, there are more than 5 places to hold a reception just in our small town of Pekin. PLEASE put up more vendors in the central Illinois area! I don't even know where to start looking for reception areas, caterers, cake decoraters, etc. Just thinking about the list of places I have to find makes me dizzy! I'm not getting married for a little while so hopefully this site will be much more helpful once I really get into planning mode!
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    I'm in Peoria!
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    I'm currently in Cook County but I ALSO lived in Madison County, for a year and a half, small world.  SIUE.
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  • I am in Peoria as well it would be nice to see more Peoria vendors
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    Do we have any Quad Cities brides here? I would love to find more vendors around the Quad Cities to help with my event.
  • I am from pekin / Peoria. I agree it would be really nice to see more vendors for this area.
  • I am from the Peoria area.  I just started looking through the Central Illinois website today.  My wedding is going to be in May/June 2013 so I am hoping to get a lot of information and advice throughout the next year from this site!  Thanks!
  • I just got engaged yesterday!!! My fiance and I were born and raised in Bloomington, and now reside in Phoenix.  We are looking forward to planning a wedding in Bloomington-Normal, tentatively planned for June 22nd.  
  • Has anyone had their event at a winery. We are looking at Hidden Lake Winery in Alviston. (close to Columbia, IL) Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of ahead of time?!
  • Im gonna be living in the Naperville area :)
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