Need a winter venue idea in the Chicago suburbs - ideas?

Hey ladies, I need some suggestions!

My fiance and I were really looking forward to a fall 2011 wedding, but the Army decided to get in the way and he is being deployed to Afghanistan until October 2011.  We have decided to wait a few months after he gets home before having the wedding so he can get reacclimated to being home after 400 days away, but we don't want to wait all that long, so that puts us into mid-late winter.  We are looking at a late January date. 

We both like the idea of a winter wedding, but only if we can find a cozy, almost cabin atmosphere.  We have already checked out Starved Rock Lodge, and while it was a little smaller than we were led to believe from the pictures online, we really loved it.  The problem: we live in the NW burbs (as does a majority of our family) and some people (especially my parents) have raised concerns about travelling two and a half hours in the (often unpredictible Chicago) winter to our wedding. 

This is where I need your help!  Does anyone have any suggestions for a venue that is moderately priced, can fit at least 150 people, and that fits our idea of a rustic, cabin winter wedding? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!


Re: Need a winter venue idea in the Chicago suburbs - ideas?

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    what suburbs are you near??
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    We are looking in the far NW suburbs, basically in a 45 mile radius of Crystal Lake as that is pretty much the central location of both of our families.  We may travel a bit more for what we want, but don't want drive time to exceed an hour and a half.

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    Lake Forest Armour House in Lake Forest?
    It's a historic place, though might not be a "cozy atmosphere" it's definately beautiful...
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    We are getting married in January at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle; not sure what your price range is...they run about $85ish a plate including a swank meal, the cake, a four-hour open bar, and tax and gratuity. Hall rental is $1500 for the smaller location (capacity 125) or 2500 for the larger. The food was FANTASTIC at our tasting.

    We are getting married in the smaller venue. It's kind of a cabin set back into the woodsy parts; you get two rooms plus the hall in between (and a cute little attic room to get ready in); it's not rustic but it is very beautiful; one room has a stained glass window alcove, hardwood flooring, and bookcases; the other is carpeted with floor to ceiling windows along one side overlooking the grounds. It's really beautiful; can't imagine how gorgeous it would be with a light carpet of snow (ha, murphy's law says we'll either have a dreary dirt ground day or a blizzard). They have pictures online; check it out.
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    Bull Valley Country Club in Woodstock, of if you dont mind driving the Riviera in Lake Geneva.
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    so this isn't a cabin like atmoshphere but we are getting married at the embassy suites in deerfield in december. we chose this venue because it's too cold to do pics outside so we will do pics in the atrium, which is full of plants, a koi pond, and a waterfall. it was also around $40 less per person than all the other hotels in the area.

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    Seven Bridges Golf Club in Woodridge has a clubhouse that has a rustic feel to it. It seats 240, and prices are in the $80 range.  The food is fantastic. I'm having my wedding there in December and there are 2 hotels within 2.5 miles of the reception, and both have an option of a free shuttle to and from Seven Bridges, which is nice since the weather might be a factor.  People can check into the hotel and then not have to worry about driving to and from the reception. 
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