Bachelorette Party Ideas- Harrisburg

Hi girls! We're planning my friend's bachelorette party the night of her shower as all of the girls in the bridal party are from different states. Anyone have any fun ideas for what to do in Harrisburg?

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    We just went down to 2nd Street in Harrisburg for my b-party. If you haven't been there, it has bars all up and down the street so it's a fun place to go bar hopping. :)
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    I went to 2nd street for my 21st... before I knew it it was 2am and we had only got to 3 places so I definitely think 2nd street is great for bar hopping and bachelorette parties!!
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    I say 2nd street as well. that's where everything is happening. check out the hardware bar while your there. you can pay ten dollars to have one of the bartenders spank the bride in front of everyone if your feeling evil lol. i hope my friends don't do that to me...
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    My vote would be 2nd street as well.  Just be careful.  I've heard of a lot of shady people out and about, so make sure you're in a group!
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    Great! Sounds like 2nd Street it is! Thanks everyone!!
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    2nd street would probably be the most bar-hopping in one place, just be careful!! I've known many, many people that got mugged, asulted, etc. Just walk in groups and try to get parking close by. My favorite street to park on is Pine street. It's right in between all of the bars and is well lighted.

    I think it would be fun if you girls rented a hotel suite downtown like maybe at the Hilton or Crown Plaza Hotel? it could be really, really fun!
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