back to the drawing board....with a question

So, I thought we had everything planned out for the wedding. We have our date set for April 30, 2011, reserved the Capitol Rotunda for the ceremony and Susquehanna Club for the reception. And while the Susquehanna Club isn’t that expensive, it’s still expensive and I am just having a really hard time accepting spending that much money on a wedding. My parents are giving very minimal, so we have to pick up most of the tab. I want a wedding, I don’t want to elope or have a destination wedding, as I want to wear my gown, have my kids be a part of the wedding and have a special day – BUT, I don’t want to spend money that could be used on the house.


So…on to the question part – do you girls know of any nice parks/pavilions in the area that could accommodate a wedding reception, it would just be a BBQ/Picnic affair? I would want it to be somewhere within 25-30 minutes of the Capitol, so people don’t have to drive far between the two places. Any thoughts?

Re: back to the drawing board....with a question

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    You could check out Fort Hunter, in Harrisburg. They have super pretty views of the river at sunset. They do not allow alcohol, though.

    Also Negley Park in Lemoyne. They have beautiful views of the river and the Harrisburg skyline.

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    I would check out the featured reception sites on the knot as a start.  I'm not from Harrisburg, but there were a lot on there from Harrisburg.
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    Have you looked at the Silver Spring Fire Hall?  I've heard that the room is really nice (not your usual fire hall) and not as expensive since its a fire hall. I also believe that you bring in your own caterer so you can shop around for that and hopefully save some money there.

    Hope that helps!

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    Agree with Ft Hunter.  Very nice however if it rains on or a few days before it does get quite sloshy.  Not sure how many you're inviting but maybe the pride of the susquehanna or City Island as well?  You may also want to check with the Dixon University on Front Street to see if you made a "donation' if they'd let you use the large grass area?  Good Luck!
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    There's the pavilion on City Island. I think they still rent that. I don't believe they have grills but you could probably rent one. I agree about Negley Park and the views. 
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