April 2014 Weddings


My fianc and I have been playing with dates and after going through being told by ideal venues that they do not start setting up for outdoor weddings till April we decided on April. With Easter and other holidays in there it is limited to basically the 5th or the 26th. Any dea on what typical weather will be like? Pennsylvania area

Re: Weather?

  • We are getting married on the 11th in NJ.Weather is usually nice, very springy but this yr it was mid to high 70s and no rain. I'm crossing my fingers we get warm weather for our day. Specially since we have the hole outside grill area for cocktail hour
  • This would be a great question for the local boards.  On the "Welcome page" for the community boards, there are tabs labeled "Boards by Topic," "Wedding month, then "City."  Ask on the city board and you might get a more knowledgeable response.  Alternately you could google "Average temperatures" and the city name and find out monthly average temps and rainfall.  Hope that helps!

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