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Please tell me someone else is freaking out also?

So my FI and I were talking today about how fast everything is going. Oct is officially a 1 1/2 away from our wedding. It just started to hit us how much money we are going to have to spend and what freaks me out is how we are going to get the money, 

I am fighting tears bc I know this is supoosse to be happy but the amount of money of it all is making me crazy... My FI is not help bc well he is a boy 


Re: Please tell me someone else is freaking out also?

  • Totally freaking out over the money.  I make every decision over how much it is gonna cost.  Hopefully it will get better soon. 
  • Freaking out also!!
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  • I am too!! We are doing a destination wedding, and although the overall cost do it isn't much the bridal party and SO's are not working as well as I had hoped. Might have to change plans :( I want to book things, but I can't until things calm down and sort themselves out a bit.
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    FI and I are definitely more conscious of the money these days because we are saving for the wedding as well as a house.

    I think that you should have a good cry, put on your big girl panties, and then look at your budget and see which things you 100% want and those you could scale back on if you need to :)

    Hopefully that will help put things a bit more in perspective and help you realize that you can definitely do this!
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  • Yup. Freaking out a little here too! I just try to remember: it's okay to freak out and its is okay to spend $$.. on our wedding. I mean it is our wedding here! Hopefully parents or relatives can help a little.. I'm thinking maybe $20 a week from each of us could help.... see i'm even stating to freak out in tis post lol!! As long as I can marry Dylan thats all I really care about, just me and him need to be there!!
  • We are doing everything we can to keep our costs low.  We want to have a lovely wedding day that reflects us, our interests and our relationship, but it is just one day.  About half our budget is for the honeymoon.  The only reason I am freaking out is because I have had a difficult time finding steady work, so I had to tap some of our savings. FI says not to worry, that we will make it to our savings goal.  I hope so!  Either way, we have to continue to be creative about saving money/cutting costs.  

    The only thing that matters is saying our vows before family and friends (free) and getting our marriage license (cheap!)

  • I completely agree all that really matters is us getting married. I have scaled back on everything I really wanted and doing a lot diy things to get what I want. I think the most frustrating are the couples who didn't pay for their wedding telling me they know how I feel. No you don't you didn't pay a dime for your day YOU HAVE IDEA WHAT IM FEELING... Sorry for the caps : so glad you girls are here and understand
  • Totallt freaking out as well.  I can't save nearly as much as my FI because I'm still paying off credit card debt, as well as regular bills.  The only thing going for us right now is the fact that we still live with our parents so we can save more, but for me its hard because I make nowhere near what he makes.  But then I freak out when I realize that about 3 months before the wedding we need to start looking for an apartment and then that costs money and then if we find one before the wedding we need to pay for rent though we won't be living there right away.  And the furniture, OMG!  Sorry, I'm starting to panic as I type this LOL.  
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    I am not freaking out yet but I think I will eventually.
    I want to have a cheapish wedding but not cheap at the same time. 
    We are having a local church wedding, a little church reception with punch and cake..
    and afterwards we are going to my FI's grandma's at a lake for a small BBQ or catered dinner. 
    But who knows what else I'll come up with that I want there. 
    I am starting my savings account this coming weekend!!!! 
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  • I'm only freaking out about getting all my DIY parts done at a reasonable time. We're making a Stargate Arch and a Tardis. It's going to be a difficult task to make it lifesize, heavy but at the same time lightweight. Being able to get all the materials is going to drive me crazy.
  • I have changed my details so many times already and that is what freaks me out. Deciding on details and sticking to it. Today I have been trying to figure out how much we need to save monthly to have the wedding I want us to have. FI doesn't care he just wants me to be happy. He says we can go to Vegas as long as we get married. I do not want to DIY. I've done that before as this isn't my first marriage.
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