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Rehearsal Dinner ideas - Saint Petersburg, FL

We are getting married March 2011. We are looking at restaurants to have our rehearsal dinner and are at a loss. We are going to have roughly 50 people at the rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions on where we might be able to have the rehearsal dinner?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner ideas - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • mitchsbridemitchsbride
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    My brother's was at Carrabba's and they did a great job!

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    We were going to do Carrabba's but they're catering our reception. They are amazing.
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    I'm glad you posted this as I am in the exact same boat (St. Pete Beach in March). 
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  • jtritchjtritch
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    It depends on where in St. Pete you are looking - i.e. - downtown? Beach Drive?  beach area? Tyrone area?   Also, how formal or informal?  Looking for a private room?

    We had ours downtown at Midtown Sundries - it's a sports bar/restaurant and they have a private room.  It was great, and they totally worked with us on whatever we wanted to do.  Our friends and family loved it, and when it was over, everyone stayed and most of the other people who were in town for the wedding came and joined us as it was within walking distance to the hotels people were staying at. 

    Give us some more idea as to where exactly, and I'll give you some recs. 
  • jamguchjamguch
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    Our ceremony is in Carollwood and the reception is at the Postcard Inn (near the Don Czar) in St Pete. Most of our wedding party/out of town guests will be staying at the Postcard Inn.
    My soon to be in laws would like to host something closer to the beach so everyone can have a short drive back to the hotel afterwards. They even suggested having something at an irish Pub or something along those lines since we are getting married on Saint Patricks Day, 3.17.2011.
    We are thinking something nice but not too stuffy.
    Beach driver would be nice but we've looked and haven't see anything that would be able to accommodate 50+ people.
    Thank you for all the replies!
  • Kristin789Kristin789
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    You should check out SPINNERS restaurant on the top floor of the Grand Plaza hotel - the view is amazing and the restaurant revolves!
  • jtritchjtritch
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    The BBQ restaurant at the Post Card Inn has gotten great reviews.  Think it's called Wildwood BBQ.

    Otherwise, on the beach here are suggestions for you to look at:

    Snappers Sea Grill
    Mad Fish (also owned by Snappers- more casual)
    The Hurricane- farther down the beach in Pass A Grille

    There is Paddy O'Sullivan's out on the beach too in case you wanted to do something St. Patrick's themed. 

    Good luck!
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