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Tan/Linen Suit Rental?

Ok, so I am having trouble finding a place that rents tan suits or even tan linen suits for our beach wedding. Have you come across anyone? Or have you found any good prices? I could definitely use some guidance. I know for a fact mens wearhouse does not...
Thank you and happy Friday!

Re: Tan/Linen Suit Rental?

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    we went through the same thing last spring for our wedding in 2 weeks. I was shocked that nowhere around here had any!! So FI and I went to Express and they had a gorgeous Khaki suit that he and GM's ended up buying. I would check there from now until closer to your wedding when they bring back the spring stuff early next year. Brooks Brothers also had some as well but Express had the best fit. I know it is soo frustrating to live in FL and they not have Khaki suits anywhere!!! And we definetly argued with mens wearhouse about being in FL with all the beach weddings and them not having and khaki/linen of anything! sorry this turned into a vent but hang in there you'll find it! HTH
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    Thank you! It is frustrating!! I just called Sacinos formal wear and the closest thing I just found look pretty good. Its called the tan destination suit- it is microfiber-
    We are going to look at it and try it on tomorrow... its about $160 to rent for the groomsmen including shirt, shoes, and accessories...
    We will see!!! If not we will check out what you suggested!
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    HEY HEY HEY!! Im so glad you posted this question....FI and I had originally picked Sacinos to rent that SAME suit that your looking for. But when Sacinos filed bankrupcty, they scared us off. They will still be around though dont worry. HOWEVER FMIL found Tuxedo Junction, in Tampa, and they have a WAYYY nicer tan suit (similar to the one at Sacinos) and its only $100 to rent, everything!! Plus, the colors of the ties and vests are much nicer. So check them out online, the suit is online, its called Hampton. Here is the link, hopefully this works.....

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    Thank you!!! I will definitely check them out!!
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    also Men's warehouse is having buy one suit get one free right now
    It might be cheaper than buying depending on how many guys you are having
    My FI is buying his suit

    Just a thought :)
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    There's a place called Mr. Paul's Tux in Clearwater that rents khaki suits.  I think it's $132 and some change to rent the entire suit - jacket, shirt, pants and tie. 
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    Call Maria's bridal. (727) 846-0645 To the best of my knowledge they offer a Tan suit as a rental. If not, Island Importer sells linen shirts and pants pretty inexpensively. I believe you can get the shirt and pants for under $100. http://www.islandimporter.com/home.php?cat=8
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    I second Sacino's.  We are using their tan destination suit for our May wedding. PIB under Wedding party.  GL!
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    Jet: Were you able to figure anything out?
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    yes!! Thank you everyone. We went to Sacinos yesterday and we are renting the tan destination suit. I had found a coupon I got at a bridal show and we got free rental for groom, 50% off for my father, and $20 off for other groomsmen! We are very happy with their prices and selection. Thank you for all your suggestions!! You are all wonderful!!
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