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Rehearsal dinner locations in Sarasota

Can anyone recommend a restaurant or venue for a rehearsal dinner? I don't want anything too formal since the wedding reception will be formal.  I'm thinking somewhere casual where people can order a burger and fries or a salmon dish.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Rehearsal dinner locations in Sarasota

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    I am in love with Libby's in Southside Village.  It isn't totally formal, but it isn't a burgers joint by any means.  I LOVE Libby's beacuse their food is top notch.

    Also, there is Mattison's downtown which is an outdoor only venue (covered), a lot less intimate there.

    How many people will be at the RD?
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    We are using Treviso at Ringling...they have a private party area big enough for 40 ppl and it's not very fancy at all.
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    Hey! I'm doing the same thing since our reception is sooo formal!!

    I reserved a pavilion on Siesta beach & we are going to get barbecue!!!
    I thought it was great for out of town guests to see the beach.

    It's covered and near the water. Check it out online!
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    We're using the Beach House.  They have a great selection from the menu & everyone has been telling me how great it is.
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    Oh this was the bane of my existance! I had such a hard time finding a place in Sarasota just as you described. I went with Sam Seltzer's on US 41 and it was perfect. Great private room, easy to work with, yummy food - perfect all around.
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I think we will have approximately 22 people at the RD. I will check into all of them and let you know what we decide:)
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