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Because I'm nosey...

There is a lot of talk in the wedding world about who is paying for weddings. A statistic I read in a bridal magazine said 55% of people pay for at least part of their wedding. That sounded really low to me since I don't really know anyone who had their entire wedding paid for. My parents are helping, his parents are helping, but the majority of the cost is falling on us. We are completely fine with that since it's our wedding. Neither of our families are rolling in money anyway!

So I'm wondering what the stats are for the CNY board. You don't have to post specifics. The poll is antonymous:

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Re: Because I'm nosey...

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    We came up with a budget of 10 before we knew if anyone would be contributing. Both sets of parents contributed and now with pretty much everything booked, we're looking at spending about 12-13.
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    Only 55%... seriously???  Hmm... maybe I need to look at marrying into a different family... where the heck is that other 45%???  LoL!!!
    You know... it's not like the good old days where you lived at home with your parents until Prince Charming came and swept you off your feet, then your family planned a huge (thank god we get to get rid of her) celebration with all the fixings and stuff.
    This is the real world now and most couples either live completely on their own or live with their future spouse before they tie the knot.  It makes for kind of an awkward situation to go back home and ask mommy and daddy to foot a humongous wedding bill when they haven't even paid your cable bill in years.  I dunno...
    Kev and I will be paying for almost all of the wedding ourselves.  It is our day.  We have spoken with both sets of parents and asked them if they would like to contribute... if so, we would be super appreciative of anything they are willing to give, but we are deifnitely not expceting- or relying- on anything.
    We are both adults- out in the real world on our own.  We have been living together for the past year so it is not your typical "daddy giving his daughter away" type of wedding, I guess.  It is kind of rewarding to see our hard work and hard-earned money making our dream day become a reality.  I wonder if the people who have everything handed to them are able to really cherish the day as much.   It is truly a labor of love... I just wonder if they would appreciate it as much.
    I think that a wedding, in a way, is also a good place to start learning to budget and prioritize.  "We only have x amount to spend... if we get a, b and c... we can't afford d.  Ok... maybe we don't need b. "  You know...
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  • S_A_FriedelS_A_Friedel member
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    My parents are paying for the reception.  FI's parents are contributing towards Rehearsal Dinner and FI and I are paying all the rest.  We are spending around 22,000
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    We are paying for most of our wedding ourselves. My mom is helping and so is his parent's, my dad different story. we didnt set a budget, which sounds crazy but if we really wanted something we got it. so far probably $8,000 mmaybe 10 who knows. its our wedding, the most important day in our lives and we werent going to put a price on it

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    We're paying for the entire wedding ourselves. We have a budget of $15,000
  • lcoreylcorey member
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    We are paying for most of the wedding ourselves too. Our budget is $15,000. When my mom sees something extra that she thinks I would like she lets me know and she's pays for it like, matchbooks or cocktail napkins. Things I don't think are necessary but spruce it up a bit. Other than that it's all on us. I think it's good for a couple to save and spend together to reach a goal that's pretty high like that.
  • C*MiaC*Mia member
    edited December 2011
    I didn't even want a wedding but after lots of people complaining it is now going to be a much larger affair (so much for a JP and small get togethers after!) My parents are very old school about the whole wedding thing and offered to pay for the whole thing. FI and I appreciated the offer. We came to the agreement they would pay for the bulk of it and FI and I would cover limo & photographer. FI's parents are taking care of RD, ceremony and some flowers.
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    FI and I have a budget of $10,000, but it will probably be closer to $11,500 with the rings and all the little extras we never even thought of.  We wanted to pay for everything ourselves so that nobody else had ANY say in what we did.  We're stubborn and hate having other people tell us what to do.  It has worked for the most part, but FI's mother insisted on doing the rehearsal dinner.  She's hosting it at some country club and it'll probably be more fancy than our wedding, but when we talked to her about it she threw a fit.  We're just letting that go.  :)  


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  • kariannecarrkariannecarr member
    edited December 2011
    FI and I have a budget of 6,000, but my mother is footing the bill for the location, and my dad is covering the cost of food. FI's family isn't contributing, but they're not really in a place where they can, and we understand that. If it were up to me we'd have a budget of 15,000 but FI keeps me grounded and constantly reminds me of all of the other bills we have to pay. But I'm not afraid to find a deal, so I think it will be fabulous, think thrift store chic lol. Us graphic designers can make anything look good ;-)
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  • bfuller1085bfuller1085 member
    edited December 2011

    We are getting $10G from my parents and $2 from my FMIL. My FFIL is paying for the rehearsal dinner. We had full intention of saving and putting some of our own $$ into the wedding, but after our car accident that totaled his car and my car breaking down (which required new cars frm both of us)....we really just didnt have the $$. BUT! My FMIL taught me very well and I am having the wedding of my dreams and wont even use all the $$ we're given :)

    Of course, rings and wedding party gifts we're getting on our own, so i suppose you could say we are helping some...

  • ckcavalierckcavalier member
    edited December 2011

    A quick question does anyone's budget include there honeymoon if you are going on one the cost of that and the airfair? because I had a 15000.00 budget as well untill I added that in and now im like 20,000-22,000 ugh just wodering maybe im doing something wrong lol.......

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    No, our budget doesn'y include the honeymoon. We are planning on going on our honeymoon about 4 months after the wedding because of vacation time. It will also give us time to save more money.
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