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Central New York

Whirlin' Disc Photobooth

Have any of you ladies rented a photobooth through Whirlin' Disc? I couldn't find any reviews on that part of their business. So far, I don't think I've seen any negative reviews for photobooths in general, but I just wanted to double check with you guys.  :) Thanks!!!

Re: Whirlin' Disc Photobooth

  • I've never heard of them. Where are they based out of?
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  • I'm using Whirlin' Disc for my DJ, they're out of Syracuse (and many other cities for that matter) and they've been around forever. Unfortunately, I'm not using their photobooth so I'm of no help. All I can say is that they're an established, reputable company so I can't imagine they'd give you a piece of junk. Good luck!
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  • I've heard goog things about them. However, why would you deal with them regarding something that is not their spesialty and main business? You wouldn't go to your dentist's office to have a dinner? It's just me, but I would much rather rent a photo booth from a photographer.
  • I think their photobooth portion is kind of new, which is why it's probably harder to find reviews on it... unfortunately, I can't really help either -- but you could probably get them to give you a sample of one to see what the end product looks like, since that's what you'll want to see to know if you'll like it and you can tell a lot from it (if their camera is blurry/dark/etc.).  They often have samples they can easily mail out to you.  Good luck!
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  • I'm using them too and they've been SUPER helpful, accommodating, quickly responsive...but I'm not using their photo booth either.  But otherwise they've been great so far...
  • Hey everyone,
      I have hired them for my reception this July. Since I do not live in the area (live in Westchester now) but am relocating there in the summer. can anyone give me an feedback on prticular DJ's? I am going to meet with them before the wedding at some point. Thanks!!

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  • Also, if you don't mind me asking, what is the cost for the photobooth? Went to a wedding with one and it was such a great idea! 

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  • Make sure you ask them about what kind of camera is used in the photobooth. My FI and I looked around at a TON of photobooths before we picked ours, and what we found was that most places used a simple web-cam style camera in their photobooths. We really wanted our guests to be able to blow one of the pictures from the strip up for themselves if they liked the picture and wanted it, and with most photobooths the biggest you can make the pictures is a 4 by 6. We ended up going with Visa Versa Entertainment for our photobooth (they are also our DJ) They are real techies and built their photobooths themselves. Not only are they beautiful, but they have a professional photographer's camera in them so if someone absolutely LOVES a picture in it...it could be blown up all the way to poster size and still be a great quality! They guys there are awesome, and really great to work with! I would highly recommend them!
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