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Reception Venues and Pictures - Rochester and surrounding areas

I am looking for reception venues and pictures. Here are a few of the places I have heard of and am trying to look into:

Inn on Broadway
Webster Golf Club
Eagle Vale
Colgate Divinity
Country Club of Mendon
Rochester Science & Museum Center

I am looking to get married on July 30, 2011. Being that it is only a year away I am stressing pretty bad. I want to lock in a reception location as soon as possible.

Do any of you ladies have any pro's and con's of the places listed above or have any ideas of other places? Also do any of you happen to have pictures of any of these venues? I find a lot of times the websites don't really offer a lot of pictures and I want to get a feel for the place.

Thank you

Re: Reception Venues and Pictures - Rochester and surrounding areas

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    I have just started looking at venues in Rochester too, although I won't be getting married until fall 2012.  I am already feeling overwhelmed!  My friend gave rave reviews about her wedding last August at the Science & Museum Center.  It's not a place I am considering, so I didn't get many details, but I can post more info after I see her this weekend.  

    I found this photographer's website that provides easy access to pictures by venue:

    Also, I contacted a photographer who had pictures of a beautiful venue that I couldn't identify - it was the Inn on Broadway - here is the link:

    Their ceremony was at the Memorial Art Gallery and reception was the Inn on Broadway.  I hope this helps!

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    Inn on Broadway: I looked here, and it was top 3 on my list. It was GORGEOUS, but a bit small. We planned to have around 150 guests, and that would be tight in the reception space. Also, the reception room is shaped like an L, so the dance floor is on one end of the L. I had a minor issue with this, with special dances people would have to get out of their seat (I have some older folks coming) and/or people might miss things because they were on the other side of the room. All the rooms in the hotel are gorgeous, but expensive, even with the discount for guests. If you plan to have about 100-120 guests it is worth looking into. 

    The RMSC: I haven't been to a wedding there, but I have friends who have attended ones there. I also worked there through high school and college, so I know the spaces well. I have heard that the spaces become cramped with larger guests likes (150+). The spaces are very cool. You can have the reception in the planetarium (my favorite option); it is a very modern space but very cool. Another larger space is the second floor of the main museum- but that can get crowded as well. 

    Colgate Divinity: I chose this for my wedding and reception site. The place is breathtaking! I honestly can't describe it and do it justice. I will say this- it is expensive, so be prepared. Everyone I have talked to about it said that it is worth every penny and it was the best food they have had. They also said that Jim (the coordinator) and his staff are amazing and bend over backwards for you. The chapel holds 180 guests max, same as reception venue. The place is old, so there are a lot of restrictions bc they want to keep the integrity of all aspects. It also books quickly, so I would RUN to view the place!

    I had pictures of these places but I deleted them once I chose my venue. Sorry! 
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    Oh, another place that is beautiful that you might want to look into is Casa Larga. That location is beautiful as well. 
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    My reception is at Casa Larga, so I'm partial! Check there!

    I looked into Inn at Broadway, and agree with PP that the L-shape was just so awkward. The cake was in a completely different room, they had a weird table layout, and it would be very tight with 150 people.

    Colgate- it was my second choice, but ultimately it came down to a few personal taste things. The outside is beautiful, but I didn't care for the reception hall - dancing is in a different room, and while they say it doesn't make much difference, I would feel totally secluded. I didn't like that the organ was SO LOUD in the very small (but gorgeous) chapel. I also just got some weird vibes from Jim, the coordinator. Many people rave about him, but I thought he said some inappropriate things during my tour and seemed to not really care about my business because he knew he would sell the date no matter what.

    Memorial Art Gallery's halls are not air conditioned so I'd be scared to have a July wedding there! I've been to a wedding at Eagle Vale and it was nice- I think the bride and groom took a lower scale route (2nd marriage, older couple), so it could have potential to be even nicer.

    Good luck! Hope it helps!
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    I am getting married at Colgate Divinity in 25 days. I have lots of pics, and info if you would like it pm me.  I was very picky and looked almost everywhere. and have also been to over 10 weddings in the Rochester Area in the last year and a half.
    I have been planning for about 14 months so I have told a lot of people about the venu and everytime I mention where we are getting married people say that the food there was the best they have ever had at a wedding.

    EagleVale is in my homeown. I have a decent amt of info on that too if you would like to know first hand any of it. Basically your wedding will be "typical country club" if you have it there (food isn't that great tho)
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    We're having our reception at the Country Club of Mendon. The guy Charlie that owns the place is very cool, he's very nice and very laid back. It's got beautiful landscaping and GREAT deals. We just had a tasting there, and the food was DELISH!

    Here are some pictures that I took when I went to visit. (The bottom 3 are from the website)

    Theresa & Daniel
    The Road To Three
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    I looked at a few of these places & been to weddings at a few - webster golf club - the ceilings seem so low! Inn on broadway is a weird L layout. No one even knew when they were cutting the cake.
    colgate is set on a BEAUTIFUL setting, and i've only heard amazing things.

    I'm having my reception at Lakeshore on June 11th 2011. I was plesently surprised when we stopped in because there website is horrible. good luck!!
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    I don't know if you have already gotten in touch with the museum, but I was actually really excited about the idea. I was pretty much decided that as long as it looked nice enough when we went to go see it, that we would have our wedding there. (I mean, married in a planetarium?? How cool!)

    BUT I tried to get in touch with the coordinator there, for literally a month, and never got the chance to set up an appointment. I left voicemails, I talked to people and left verbal messages, I sent emails, and I NEVER actually talked to anyone who could show me the freaking place! The coordinator called me back once when I was in a meeting and left a voicemail, but did not call me ever again (even though I called there probably 7-8 more times...yeah I was really excited about the place).

    Granted, I think the catering is completely separate, so she wouldn't be the one you would always be dealing with, but I finally decided that if I couldn't even get in touch with them when they wanted my business, it would be a lot worse when they already had my money/signed contract. I was REALLY disappointed though.
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    My daughter just got married at Cobblestone Creek Country Club in Victor (Rochester).
    BEAUTIFUL location - great food.
    To see more pipctures than you could possibly want,  go to :
    access code    JK 100626
    Go to the "section" for Formals and Fun - go to Page 5 - the middle of that page is the start of the pro photos of the photo ops outdoors at Cobblstone  and then the "section" for reception shows you the inside.

    You will LOVE it there.
    Any questions, contact me directly at [email protected]
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    We are getting married  October 2011 and our reception is at Casa Larga. We looked at the Inn on Broadway, Woodcliff and the Hyatt. We went with Casa larga because it's really close to the ceremony site, loved the setting and my fiancé and I love wine. The Inn was very nice, but I agree that it was too small for us and the L shape of the room was not ideal for us. Woodcliff was our second choice in that again, it is close to our ceremony site, but I didn't like the low ceilings and it didn't strike me the same way as Casa Larga. And the Hyatt, though nice, was too far away and dated. We were told that they would be doing renovations, but my heart was already set on Casa Larga. 
  • Words cannot even express how wonderful my wedding reception was at the Inn on Broadway. I can honestly say that I owe all of that to Ryan, the event coordinator. The inn is such a cozy venue that offers class and sophistication to your wedding day. Since my husband and I planned our wedding from out of state (we grew up in Rochester) we were constantly in touch with Ryan via e-mail. He was always available for any question or request that we had. He worked with us on creating a "signature cocktail" and kept us informed throughout the entire night on the timeline of things (when dinner was going to be served, when cake should be cut, etc.). We had a wedding planner, but did not even rely on her the night of because Ryan was on top of everything. Ryan and his team set up the reception beautifully. The food was absolutely amazing! I recommend the strip steak, salmon, and hunter's chicken. 
    The Inn was able to set up a room block for our guests and offered them a discounted rate for the weekend of our wedding. We had about 25 of our guests stay overnight at the Inn and were delighted to hear that the inn offered a complimentary breakfast the next morning. It was such a nice touch to be able to see our guests the next morning for breakfast and spend time with them before they needed to catch their flights. My husband and I were given a complimentary room the night of the wedding which was absolutely beautiful. There was not a detail missed! 
    We discovered the next morning that even after our reception was over, our guests headed down to the main bar in the hotel where they were able to continue the evening! 
    Overall, we are both so pleased with the overall outcome and would 100% recommend the Inn on Broadway for any special occasion! 
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